Will a fox eat a cat? 

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “will a fox eat a cat?”. We will discuss whether a fox will kill house cats, how you can protect your cat from foxes, and whether foxes consume cat food. In the end, we will understand that foxes and cats can live together. 

Will a fox eat a cat? 

Yes, foxes can eat small cats but it doesn’t happen very often. Foxes are wild creatures that are known to be opportunistic, and because of this, they are capable of attacking and even killing cats. 

Foxes do not consume adult cats, although they do consume tiny cats and kittens. Most mature cats are capable of self-defense. 

Will a fox kill house cats?

There are several situations in which an inquisitive fox ended up killing a domestic cat. A wild fox might also challenge your cat, however, the likelihood of this happening is quite low. This is why, if you notice a fox close, you should safeguard your pets by taking them inside.

The domestic cat and the fox have very little chance of encountering one another. The foxes in the wild are very timid and avoid interacting with other animals unless absolutely necessary. 

Adult cats have virtually little to worry about a fox, but smaller pets, such as tiny dogs, and cats, may be at risk.

If your little cat or other pet is going to be outdoors, you should constantly keep an eye on it and provide it with care and attention. In the case of outdoor cats, they must fend for themselves, yet they are notoriously capable of self-defense. 

How can you protect your cat from foxes?

If a fox is coming into your yard and endangering your cat, there are several things you can do.

Keep the cat in the home

This is the surest method of protecting cats from the dangers of any wild animal. If you spot a fox or other animal, bring your outdoor cats inside for safety.

Fortify your yard

By having a decent fence, you may aid in keeping foxes and other wild creatures out. Make repairs to any weak points in your fence, such as gaps or damaged boards. 

You might also install a wire fence into the ground, which prevents foxes from tunneling under the barrier and gaining access to the area.

Shout and scream at the fox

Foxes are readily alarmed. You should yell and wave your arms if you see a fox and believe that you or your cat or other pets are in danger from it. This will frighten them off.

Do foxes consume cat food?

Foxes have been seen consuming cat food. Foxes have been seen often consuming cat food left outdoors in cat dishes. Foxes are opportunistic eaters who will snack on everything they can get their paws on. 

The nutrition of foxes and cats is quite comparable. More similar to stray cats. Domestic cat food, however, is a fox’s ideal diet. Some pet fox owners and others who have rescued foxes feed their foxes less caloric cat food brands.

It’s possible that some veterinarians may recommend feeding your fox a particular kind of chow intended for cats. 

Veterinarians that specialize in exotic animals often have a variety of viewpoints on the subject. The care of foxes is not covered in a manual. Those that use cat meals often have healthy foxes. 

Can foxes and cats live together?

There are a number of similarities between foxes and cats. Foxes that are kept as pets or that have been rescued often get along well with the other animals that live in the same house. They may develop ties with other pets if they are around them from an early age. 

Domesticated, pet foxes are wild creatures, therefore, there is always the possibility that they might revert to their wild nature at any given time.

Diseases may exist in wild animals. When a fox is in the area, it is best to bring all pets and cats inside, including the ones that normally live outdoors. You wouldn’t want to take a chance on being exposed to an ill animal or a hazard.


In this brief article, we answered the question “will a fox eat a cat?”. We discussed whether a fox will kill house cats, how you can protect your cat from foxes, and whether foxes consume cat food. In the end, we understood that foxes and cats can live together. 


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