Why won’t my dog eat but drink water?

This blog will answer the question, “Why won’t my dog eat but drink water?” We will also discuss the reasons for dogs not eating food but drinking water, and how you should deal with dogs drinking water but not eating food.

Why won’t my dog eat but drink water?

There are several reasons for it, but the most common reasons why dogs are not eating food but drinking water are mouth wounds, upset stomach, and infection. First, you should go for these reasons. You should check the mouth of your dog for possible injuries.

Following are the reasons for dogs drinking water but not eating food:

Picky eaters

Your dog might be a picky eater. These dogs do not eat different kinds of food. Your dog is addicted to eating only one type of food, that is why when you change the food of your dog, he will not eat it. If your dog is not eating, you should check if you have changed the food for your dog or not.


Sometimes vaccines have certain side effects on your dog’s health. Sometimes your dog does not eat because of the stress of the vaccines on it. Vaccines are important for your dog because they prevent many fatal infections in your dog.

You shouldn’t skip any shot of vaccination and if these kinds of side effects appear, they are just temporary and will soon be gone.

Change of environment

It happens when you change the surroundings of your dog, your dog does not eat in new surroundings. This also happens with us. This is a type of stress on your dog, but it will soon be gone when your dog adjusts to the new environment. 

You just need to keep an eye on your dog and look for any signs of anxiety in your dog. Anxiety can be very stressful for your dog. Make sure your dog gets your attention and love at the new place. This will help your dog to adjust to the environment at a greater pace.


Some dogs won’t eat when they are left alone. Dogs are sensitive creatures. They will go under stress when they feel lonely. They won’t eat in this case. You should leave the radio and TV on so that your dog doesn’t feel lonely when eating.


Pain can be a reason why your dog is not eating. Loss of appetite can be due to a minor disease or a major disease. Minor problems include upset stomach and tooth problems. Major problems include kidney problems and liver problems. 

If your dog has experienced an injury you should look for signs of lameness in your dog.

Upset stomach

One of the most important reasons why your dog is not eating is an upset stomach. Upset stomach is a minor problem but if not treated in time, it can cause several other complications. 

Following are the signs you should look for when your dog is not eating:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Dehydration
  • Lethargy

These are the major signs of stomach upset in your dog. You should call your vet if these signs become severe in your dog.

Change routine

If you change the routine of your dog, he will face difficulty in adjusting to the new routine which can place your dog under stress. Stress can cause a decrease in the appetite of your dog. If you want to change the feeding frequency and timing of your dog, you should change it gradually so that he can have time to adapt to the change.

Interaction with other pets

If you have brought home a new puppy then your dog will face difficulty in adjusting to the new pup. He will also refuse to eat if he feels insecure and jealous around that puppy.

How can you treat your dog who is not eating?

First, you have to diagnose the underlying cause of the problem. When you diagnose it, you are a step ahead of your dog. Now it’s time to remove the underlying cause which will fix the problem. If you are unable to fix the problem, it is better to involve a professional in this case who knows what to do.

Professionals are trained to deal with emergency situations and are better equipped.


In this blog, we answered our most important question, “Why won’t my dog eat but drink water?” We also talked about the reasons for dogs not eating food but drinking water, and how you should deal with dogs drinking water but not eating food.





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