Why won’t my dog eat breakfast?

In this brief discussion, we will answer the question “Why won’t my dog eat breakfast?” We will also talk about what to do if your dog stops eating breakfast but eats dinner and whether it is okay for dogs to not have breakfast.

Why won’t my dog eat breakfast?

The highly likely reason why your dog is not eating breakfast is because your dog is used to having access to his food all day long rather than just at mealtimes. This is the most frequent cause of dogs refusing to eat their food in the morning and instead choosing to eat later in the day.

However, it is important to make sure that your dog does not have any underlying medical condition that might be causing this.

You should take your dog to the vet for a checkup to be sure your pup isn’t merely feeling under the weather, especially if they usually eat in the morning and you haven’t made any changes in your dog’s or your own routine but your dog has suddenly stopped eating in the morning.

How to find out why my dog is not eating breakfast?

If your dog does not look like he is sick but he still chooses not to eat his breakfast, try out the following to figure out what your dog is up to:

Your dog is being picky 

One of the most frequent causes of your dog not eating in the morning is picky eating, which is more common than you might think. Some dogs have taste buds that are more refined and only eat particular things, whilst others will eat anything that even slightly resembles food or smells like it.

Perhaps they are simply tired of eating the same thing every day. Some dogs prefer diversity, though the majority don’t care. Try weekly food switching if your dog suddenly stops eating their new food.

Your dog can smell a bad ingredient

When the food isn’t right for them, some dogs can tell. For instance, a lot of dogs dislike raw onions and grapes. If your dog is intuitive, it’s possible that they aren’t eating because they recognise a harmful element. 

Ensure that you provide your dog a breakfast that they can consume.

Your dog has an upset stomach

When feeling unwell, dogs, like people, dislike eating. Take your dog for a stroll in a field and observe how they react. Usually, your dog will start eating grass if their stomach is disturbed.

Your dog may be suffering from a more serious illness if their upset stomach doesn’t go away. One of the most obvious symptoms of illness is a diminished or nonexistent morning hunger. If you are unsure whether your dog is ill, always take them to the vet.

Your dog is excited or anxious

Dogs can refuse to eat breakfast when they are agitated or enthusiastic. If you recently adopted your dog, it may take them some time to become used to their new environment before they feel secure enough to eat in the morning. 

Your dog can decide not to eat breakfast out of anxiety if they notice that you are packing up and doing something unusual. Don’t alter your typical morning routine to avoid disturbing your dog. 

Your dog is experiencing dental problems

When they have dental issues, such as bad teeth or uncomfortable gums, dogs won’t eat. Ideally, you should regularly brush your dog’s teeth. If not, now would be a perfect moment to begin. 

However, if your dog is experiencing any sort of mouth discomfort, it may be the cause of their lack of appetite. Ask your veterinarian about their dental health after you take them in for a checkup.

What to do if my dog stopped eating breakfast but eats dinner?

The best method to make sure your dog is healthy and satisfied throughout the day is to give them little meals. However, if your dog stops eating breakfast, it’s generally nothing to worry about as long as they are eating at least one meal every 12 hours. 

However, if your dog shows any symptoms of illness or weight changes, call your veterinarian right once.

Is it okay for my dog to not eat breakfast?

A dog not eating in the morning is totally normal, especially if they eat other meals throughout the day. Like some people, some dogs prefer to eat later in the day.

Consider new routines or environmental reasons, such as a new dog in the family or a change in human schedule, if your dog suddenly stops eating in the morning.

Your dog may simply need some time to get back on track.


We answered the question “Why won’t my dog eat breakfast?” We also talked about what to do if your dog stops eating breakfast but eats dinner and whether it is okay for dogs to not have breakfast.