Why my dog won’t eat unless I watch

In this brief discussion, we will answer the question “My dogs won’t eat unless I watch?” We will also talk about how to get your dog to eat while you’re not around.

What does it mean if my dog only eats when I’m around?  

Many people wonder why their pets eat while they are around family but stop eating after their humans depart. What goes on in the thoughts of dogs, and why do some of them lose their appetite? This is not unusual behaviour. It’s probably more prevalent than most people think.

Remember that eating is the foundation of canine health and an expression of emotion. Your dog is attempting to communicate with you. Understanding the reason is critical to assisting you and changing this behavioural tendency, which may worsen and endanger your health. 

Why does my puppy want me to see him eating?

If you’ve observed that your puppy won’t eat unless you’re right next to him, It is essential that we form tight ties with our pets from the time they are young. This critical age of socialization will help decrease behavioural issues, safeguard them, and provide them with the greatest possible quality of life.

However, connecting as a puppy may be too effective. Have you taught your dog to dine with you in the dining room or the kitchen? If their only experience is eating when you are present, they will not be able to eat without you. 

They will eat whenever they want as long as you are around. And even if you don’t eat together, they will. Even if you do not eat at the same time, they will appreciate your company while they do.

Does my dog feel scared to eat when I’m not around?

Yes, it is possible. Many things can happen if you leave your dog at home, such as blaring alarms, a postman visit, loud construction, and so on. While some dogs are unconcerned with spending a few hours alone, others are more sensitive. 

They may have difficulties relaxing alone and may be frightened by any disturbance, no matter how minor. They are not just upset by your absence, but they also do not feel comfortable in that setting. 

As a result, they are unable to adequately safeguard their house. Remember that dogs are territorial creatures, therefore their lack of food will reflect their unhappiness. They will feel more at ease when you arrive home because they know you will defend them.

Does my dog have separation anxiety if he refuses to eat when I’m not around?

Separation anxiety is one of the most frequent disorders in dogs. This basically indicates that your dog does not enjoy being separated from their closest human companion, thus they will not eat if you are not around. 

It is the absence of the individual in this situation, not the absence of the setting. This is a physiological and psychological response to their dissatisfaction.

Although not all dogs suffering from separation anxiety stop eating, it is extremely frequent. Some dogs during this period of separation may skip meals but continue to eat at other times. Others do not even approach the feed because they do not want to.

How do I get my dog to eat while I’m not around?

Problem-solving solutions will differ greatly based on the reasons why your dog will not eat unless you are present. Remember that, depending on the severity of the illness, it might take anything from days to years for your dog to regain the urge to eat without you. 

The procedure will be gradual. It is difficult, but not impossible, to change these sorts of behaviours. We ask you to take the following easy actions, remembering that change begins at home:

● Increase your dog’s confidence, encourage them every time you leave, and don’t make a huge issue out of it. When you are at home and unexpected visitors or unusual noises occur, act normally and disregard them. Your dog will pick up on your lessons.

● Install a modest safe baby gate near their feeding area. Then go behind them and encourage them to eat; your dog will eat nearby with you. Experiment with stepping away for a few seconds and then returning. Extend the distance and time of absence gradually.

● Exercise is important for all dogs, but it is especially important for dogs who suffer from separation anxiety.

● You may even leave a lengthy voice recording so that your pet can sense your presence.

It is an indication of intimacy if your dog needs you to watch them eat or cannot eat without your presence. 


We answered the question “ Why my dog won’t eat unless I watch?” We also talked about how to get your dog to eat while you’re not around.


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