Why my Dog won’t eat breakfast but will eat dinner

In this brief discussion, we will answer the question “ Why my Dog won’t eat breakfast but will eat dinner? ” We will also talk about why your dog only feels hungry at night and what to do to persuade your dog to eat breakfast. 

Why doesn’t my dog eat breakfast? 

A dog may not want to eat due to a number of health issues, including intestinal parasites. In contrast, when your dog just misses breakfast and gladly consumes other meals throughout the day, the issue is frequently one of behaviour rather than physical health.

Some dogs are pickier than others, and they might need to be in the appropriate frame of mind before eating. Given that they just got up for the day, your dog is likely to decide to forgo breakfast if this is the situation.

Picky dogs or those who aren’t as motivated by food as other dogs frequently require a motivating factor to desire to consume their food.

What to rule out? 

The first thing a dog owner should do is rule out any medical conditions that could be the root cause of their dog’s lack of appetite before looking at behavioural explanations for why their dog won’t eat in the morning.

You should take your dog to the vet for a checkup to be sure your pup isn’t merely feeling under the weather if they have usually eaten in the morning, you haven’t changed your routine, and your dog has suddenly stopped eating in the morning.

Feeding Schedule

You might be a little worried if your dog doesn’t eat during the designated time on their feeding schedule, but this is not typical.

Your dog may resist the structured feeding plan when you initially introduce it since he is used to having access to food whenever he wants.

If your dog refuses to eat, don’t worry; just stick to the structured feeding schedule. Eventually, you’ll notice that your dog will look forward to meals because its food has gained value.

Should my dog eat breakfast?

There are no adverse effects to your puppy skipping breakfast as long as they are still attaining the necessary weight for its breed. In many circumstances, skipping breakfast has no detrimental consequences. 

Since most dogs would overeat when given the opportunity rather than starving themselves, overweight dogs are a much more widespread issue than underweight dogs. Your dog might need to eat more frequently or take their pills at the appointed time if they have a health problem like diabetes.

However, if your dog’s doctor hasn’t identified any illnesses that call for frequent feedings or a breakfast meal, then your dog’s decision to skip breakfast is acceptable.

Why Is My dog Only Hungry At Night?

Your dog might have developed a negative habit of exclusively eating at night. To help your dog establish a more consistent schedule, try serving smaller servings throughout the day.

To prevent stomach discomfort, you should make sure your dog eats at least once every 12 hours.

Try to entice your dog to the food bowl at least twice, if not three times, per day, for feeding. Puppies also require extra calories


How to persuade your dog to consume breakfast? 

There are a few things you may do to get your dog to eat breakfast if they are too distracted in the morning or simply don’t feel hungry due to lack of exercise.

Frequently, altering your morning routine is an excellent first step. Try something unusual instead of feeding your dog as soon as they emerge from their confinement or placing their food down before they have taken a morning walk.

For distracted dogs, it may be better to feed them just before you leave for the day so they have enough time to wake up enthusiastic and start to relax.

There is no “Required” breakfast.

Finding a trustworthy veterinarian will be very helpful as you work on finding harmony with your dog. Being safe is always preferable to being sorry. Therefore, it is advised to see your vet if your dog’s lack of interest in breakfast is concerning and you’re unsure if he is getting enough food or the proper kind.

There you have it, then. Now you know what to think about when it comes to feeding your dog breakfast.

Even if the saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” has a lot of merits, it’s more crucial to concentrate on developing and upholding good habits with your dog than on a specific time of day. Breakfast is excellent, but being satisfied, content and healthy is great!


We answered the question “  Why my Dog won’t eat breakfast but will eat dinner? ” We will also talk about why your dog only feels hungry at night and what to do to persuade your dog to eat breakfast. 


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