Why is my dog throwing up after drinking water?

In this brief discussion, We’ll answer the question, “Why is my dog throwing up after drinking water?” We will also discuss the most common causes of dogs throwing up after drinking water in detail. 

Why is my dog throwing up after drinking water?

Dogs can throw up after drinking water due to a number of reasons. It can simply be due to drinking water too fast, especially on a hot or hectic day. If this happens once in a while, there is nothing to worry about. 

However, if this happens frequently, your dog might be suffering from an underlying health issue. Therefore, it is important to visit a vet and get your pet checked in time to avoid serious health consequences. 

Let us discuss why your dog is throwing up after drinking water in detail 

Throwing up after drinking water is one of the most common issues in dogs. This can be concerning and even distressing for some dog owners, but it is important to understand that there are a variety of causes for this behaviour. Some of the most common causes are discussed below:

Your dog drank water way too fast

One possible cause of a dog throwing up after drinking water is that it is drinking water too quickly. Dogs are known to develop a condition known as water intoxication or hyponatremia if they drink too much water too quickly.

This leads to an imbalance of electrolytes in your dog’s body. As a result, your dog can experience vomiting, diarrhoea, and even seizure in severe cases. 

If your dog vomits clear liquid, the vomiting is most likely triggered by stomach secretions or water settling in the stomach. This often occurs when a dog drinks water while feeling nauseous and the stomach is unable to keep anything down.

Your dog drank contaminated water

Dogs are most likely to get sick after drinking contaminated water from a fresh source. Puddles at home or at the park are often contaminated and can contain viral or bacterial pathogens. They may also contain chemical runoff that can make your pet seriously sick.

In order to prevent dogs from drinking contaminated water, it is advised to take a travelling bowl with you whenever you take your pet outside to play. Pour water brought from home into the bowl and give it to your dog when it feels thirsty.

Your dog drank toilet water

Dogs are known to sneak into the toilet and drink toilet water. Toilet water can make your dog vomit because it is treated with many chemicals and contains various harmful bacterial pathogens. 

Therefore, it is important to always keep your toilet set down and to make sure that your dog has access to clear, fresh water at all times. It is recommended to fill their water bowl a couple of times each day and to clean the water bowl to prevent the buildup of bacteria.

Your dog ate too much food

When dogs drink water after eating too much food, they can throw up. When dogs eat too much food, it causes their stomach to stretch and become uncomfortable. As a result, they vomit when they drink water on a full stomach.

Your dog has gastrointestinal issues

Some dogs are known to vomit after drinking water if they are suffering from gastrointestinal issues such as acid reflux, stomach ulcers, or inflammatory bowel disease. 

It is also important to watch the diet you give your dog because dietary issues can also cause dogs to throw up after drinking water. 

Feeding dogs high fats or processed foods can make them more prone to vomiting and digestive issues. Therefore, it is important to feed your dog a high-quality balanced diet that is appropriate for its age, size, and activity level.

Your dog has an underlying health issue

Another possible cause of a dog throwing up after drinking water is an underlying medical condition. Some dogs have sensitive stomachs, which can lead to vomiting or other digestive issues. 

Other medical conditions such as kidney disease, liver disease or even cancer can cause a dog to vomit after drinking water.


We answered the question, “Why is my dog throwing up after drinking water?” We also discussed the most common causes of dogs throwing up after drinking water in detail. 



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