Why does my kitten eat so much?

In this brief guide, we will answer the query, “why does my kitten eat so much?”. We will also discuss the eating habits of kittens and foods that are best for kittens.

Why does my kitten eat so much?

It is absolutely normal and natural for a kitten to eat as it is always hungry. All the calories it gets from a good quality nutritious meal is all used up for the growth of the kitten.

It should be kept in mind to feed your kitten a high quality, high protein, and high-calorie diet at regular intervals for better growth. Both dry and wet foods need to be added to the meal in order to achieve a healthy diet.

Only feeding wet foods will not have enough nutrient content needed for the healthy growth of the kitten. So a balance between dry and wet food needs to be achieved for the betterment of the kitten.

Also an important thing to remember is to keep the kitten hydrated by giving them water between meals.

Is it normal for kittens to always be hungry?

Kittens are at the age period where they are constantly growing. They grow 15 times faster than an average human child. That is the reason they eat a lot to fulfil the nutritional requirements needed to achieve the proteins and calories.

Food with high quality and high nutrients helps with the energy and raw building materials needed to build tissues and grow. Strong teeth, healthy skin and fur, and a good growth rate are essential for a kitten’s health.

It is totally normal for a kitten to be always hungry as it is the main factor to keep them active and playful.

What are the health issues causing kittens to always be hungry?

There might be a problem with the kitten’s health if you are feeding the kitten good quality meals at regular intervals but the kitten is always hungry. 

It can be because of health issues like parasites and worms in the stomach. The nutrients and calories are all taken up by the worms, that is why the kitten can be hungry though being fed properly.

Other reasons can be because of stress, boredom, and depression. If these sort of behavioural issues or health-related issues are observed, it’s best to visit the vet to get it sorted.

How to stop kittens from overeating?

A balanced and regular feeding routine is necessary for the growth of kittens. The kittens are always hungry and would eat as much as possible if they are free-fed. 

To stop the kittens from overeating which can cause serious damage to kittens’ health, one should be careful while planning the feeding cycle.

The kittens have smaller stomachs and too much food can cause health issues like upset stomach or bloat.

How often do you feed kittens?

Kittens are always hungry as it is the age that they are rapidly growing and in need of a lot of energy and calories to stay active and playful. 

The kittens that are 6-16 weeks need to be fed several times a day to keep up with the nutrients and calories needed.

If not free feeding, the kittens 6 months and above need to be fed every 6-8 hours interval to keep them active. 

What are the foods to avoid for kittens?

There are certain foods to avoid feeding the kittens in order to keep them safe and healthy. Kittens are always super hungry and would munch on anything coming their way. But as a pet parent one should avoid a few food items to keep the kittens healthy and active.

Table foods like onion, garlic, chocolate, coffee, tea, grapes, or raisins can be toxic to kittens. Feeding the kitten raw meat, eggs, liver, and fish should also be avoided since these items may contain harmful bacteria and parasites that can cause the kitten to get digestive issues.

Feeding milk to kittens should not be done as the kittens’ digestive system cannot process or digest milk causing diarrhoea.

Is it normal if the kitten is not eating?

It is not a normal thing for a kitten to not feel hungry or avoid eating. If your kitten is acting weird and not feeling hungry, it might be because of the intestinal parasites. They can get the parasites through any food they eat or through the mother’s milk.

They can even get the parasite through the placenta before birth as well. A visit to the nearest vet is necessary to keep the kitten’s health at par.


In this brief guide, we answered the query, “why does my kitten eat so much?”. We also discussed the eating habits of kittens and foods that are best for kittens.

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