Why does my dog eat my underwear?

In this brief discussion, we’ll answer the question “ why does my dog eat my underwear? “ We will also talk about what is pica, what drives dogs to eat underwear, the risks of ingesting underwear, and how to stop dogs from eating underwear.

Why does my dog eat my underwear?

Dogs are natural chewers. They like to chew on stuff because it is their natural instinct. Apart from this, dogs can chew on non-food items such as underwear or socks due to a number of reasons.

They may be drawn to chew on the underwear because it smells like one of the family members. Dogs have a highly developed olfactory system and they can learn a lot about a person by sniffing them. 

Does my dog chew on my underwear because he has pica?

It is possible that your dog is chewing on your underwear or other non-food items in the house because he has pica. However, only a professional can tell you exactly what is going on with your dog. Because dogs chew on stuff due to various reasons.

Your dog may be bored or like the smell of your underwear because it smells like you. If this behavior is fairly common in your dog, you should consult an experienced vet so you can get all the information you need to amend this behavior of your dog.

What is pica?

Pics is a health condition that drives the dogs to chew and ingest non-food items. It is characterized by compulsive ingestion of materials such as clothes, wood, plastic, and paper.

Pics is an extremely alarming health condition that should be addressed as soon as possible. Dogs can swallow a number of dangerous items that can damage their gastrointestinal tract resulting in further health complications.

Such non-food items can also cause intestinal obstruction in dogs which is a life-threatening condition and often requires surgery for removal.

Why does my puppy eat my underwear?

Puppies can eat your underwear when they are in their teething phase. Chewing is their natural instinct but it also helps to relieve teething pain. So when puppies are in their teething phase they look for stuff they can chew on and underwear is one of them.

It might be their preferred choice because it smells like you and is easy to chew on. Some dogs may also start to chew on wooden sticks or wooden furniture in their teething phase. 

Chewing on items like these is harmful to dogs because ingestion can result in serious health consequences. Therefore, you should replace these items with teething or chew toys that are safe for dogs.

Can my dog ingest my underwear while chewing?

Yes, your dog can ingest your underwear while chewing. Dogs try to chew and swallow everything in sight. This is harmful to them because non-food items can damage your dog’s health critically when they’re ingested.

If your dog ends up swallowing your underwear, he can suffer from intestinal obstruction. Intestinal obstruction is a serious condition that results in many uncomfortable symptoms. Abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea are the early signs of intestinal obstruction.

Such cases most likely require surgery for the removal of the non-food item which is painful for dogs and costly as well. Therefore, you should keep underwear, socks, and any other clothing item that your dog can swallow out of their reach.

Does my dog eat my underwear because he’s bored?

Yes, your dog can eat your underwear because he’s bored. Dogs are active beings and like to keep themselves entertained. If they’re not getting enough attention and physical activity, they can get bored and resort to chewing non-food items to pass their time.

If this happens, you can overcome this problem by playing mentally stimulating games with them. You can also increase their park time and set up playdates to keep them physically active and prevent boredom. This is good for their physical health as well as mental health.

How can I stop my dog from eating underwear?

The best way to save your dog and your underwear is to keep such clothing items out of your dog’s reach. Use laundry baskets with a lid to cover dirty laundry and place the clean laundry in your drawer or closet before your dog can steal it.

You can also get rid of this problem by preventing boredom and promoting mentally stimulating activities in dogs. Positive reinforcement also works to amend their behavior. Give them a delicious treat every time they listen to you. If nothing works, consult a professional.


We answered the question “ why does my dog eat my underwear? “ We also discussed what is pica, what drives dogs to eat underwear, the risks of ingesting underwear, and how to stop dogs from eating underwear.




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