Why does my dog eat my pads?

In this brief discussion, we’ll answer the question “ why does my dog eat my pads? “ We will also discuss the harmful effects of eating pads and how to prevent this behavior in dogs.

Do dogs eat pads?

Yes, dogs eat pads. Dogs are curious creatures who will try to devour anything that comes in their sight and pads are no exception. Dogs can eat your pads but it is really dangerous for them. 

Dogs can suffer from many health consequences of eating pads including digestive distress, choking, or intestinal blockage. There can be many reasons why your dog may eat your pad. Whatever the reason may be, you should take appropriate measures to prevent this behavior in dogs.

Why does my dog eat my pads?

Dogs have been known to find and eat all sorts of things from wood to sanitary pads. There are many things that may drive your dog to eat your pads. It is pretty natural for dogs to scavenge for stuff in the house and put it in their mouths. 

They are curious creatures and explore everything through their nose. Sniffing can help them know things about your diet, your health, and even your menstrual cycle. Chances are your dog is curious to know more about you and eats your pad or licks the blood of it in an attempt to do so.

Does my dog eat my pads because he has pica?

Yes, it is possible that your dog is eating your pads because he has pica. Pica is an obsessive-compulsive disorder that drives dogs to chew every non-food item in sight. Dogs who have pica are often caught eating wood, plastic, paper, clothes, and even pads or tampons.

Such behavior is highly dangerous for dog health. Dogs can get extremely sick by eating pads. Moreover, dogs can also experience intestinal blockage which becomes the root cause of many other digestive health problems in dogs.

If your dog is showing obsessive behavior, you need to consult your vet regarding its situation and take appropriate measures as soon as possible to mend this behavior in dogs.

Can stress drive my dog to eat my pads?

Yes, stress can drive your dog to eat your pad. If your dog is bored stressed, or anxious, it finds stuff to distract itself. Most of this distraction includes sniffing out and chewing on unusual non-food items.

Dogs do this to comfort themselves, to gain your attention, or just to get rid of boredom. Whether they do it because of stress or boredom, it is dangerous for their health and you should take appropriate steps to get rid of this behavior in your dog.

Can eating pads harm my dog?

Yes, eating pads can harm your dog. Pads are non-food items made of artificial materials and contain stuff that can damage your dog’s health. Some of the potentially harmful effects of eating pads in dogs are discussed below:

If your dog tries to devour a pad, it can cause choking which can lead to extreme breathing difficulties and discomfort. Untimely action can also cause death.

Pads can also get lodged in your dog’s intestines and block them. This blockage can cause abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea as well as constipation which is highly discomforting for dogs.

Dogs can also suffer from extreme bloating. Bloating is highly dangerous for dogs and often leads to fatal consequences. Excessive drooling, panting, restlessness, hard belly, retching, and abdominal pain are some of the symptoms of bloating.

How can I prevent my dog from eating pads?

In order to prevent your dog from eating pads, you need to identify the reason behind their behavior. Once you are familiar with the cause of the problem, it would be easier for you to address it and take action to get rid of it.

Some of the strategies to prevent your dog from eating pads are given below:

  • Discard pads where they are out of your dog’s reach. Keep unused pads in a closed space that is inaccessible to dogs and discard the used ones in a closed disposable bin and make sure to throw them in municipal bins at the end of the day.
  • Reduce stress in dogs by giving them the required attention and engaging them in stimulating games and activities.
  • If your dog is bored, take it out for a stroll in the park or arrange a play date with other dogs in the neighborhood so it doesn’t divert its attention to eating unsanitary items like used pads.

If none of the strategies work, make an appointment with your vet and make the appropriate decisions regarding your dog’s behavior.


We answered the question “ why does my dog eat my pads? “ We also discussed the harmful effects of eating pads and how to prevent this behavior in dogs.





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