Why does my cat want me to watch her eat?

In this brief discussion, we’ll answer the question “ why does my cat want me to watch her eat? “ We will also discuss the reasons behind this behaviour in cats.

Why does my cat want me to watch her eat?

This behaviour is fairly common in cats and shouldn’t typically raise any red flags. They usually do it out of habit, because they love and trust you, or because they are exceptionally gregarious cats. However, it’s possible that they show this behaviour due to certain health issues.

Sadly, whether or not your cat is ill, this behaviour can cause problems for pet owners because some cats will refuse to eat. If they’re alone at home, they won’t touch it for hours during the day. 

What are the reasons that make cats not want to eat alone?

Even though this behaviour is fairly common in cats, getting your cat to eat while you aren’t there is the trickier aspect of the job. Let’s investigate why these feisty fluffballs determine they cannot eat without you by their side.

It is a habit

It’s a peculiar habit, but one of the most frequent reasons cats like to have their lunch with a person nearby. Cats are frequently described as being needy, however, they just form routines like the majority of other living things.

This behaviour develops in cats when they are young kittens. Small kittens are raised by pet parents with a lot of love and care. Many of them either use syringes to feed kittens or stick close by to make sure they’ve consumed all of the food. 

Some people even feed their cats while they are cuddling with them in their arms or lap.

When kittens are fed in this way, they feel the affection and enjoy it, and as they get older, this eventually develops into a habit.

Trust and safety

Because they can’t be as alert to their surroundings as usual while eating, cats may feel frailer during this time. Because hunting and being hunted are inseparable parts of cats’ natures, the fact that they are safe at home while feeding doesn’t mean anything to them.

Cats were required to be aware of their environment when they weren’t tamed in the distant past. Despite how adorable your little ball of fur may be, she is still a predator. 

Domestic cats still possess the gene that makes them vigilant because things are wild and frightening in the natural world. In other words, the cat might be wary or fearful of being attacked when eating, therefore she wants you to remain close by as a precaution.

Social eaters

Did you know that some cats enjoy eating with other cats? They prefer company at the table and dislike dining alone, just like people. And who could be there more fittingly than their cherished pet parent? 

This reason, which many perceive to be so bizarre, can occur fairly frequently. Some felines are so friendly that they want to share meals with you, despite the fact that they are fierce predators and guardians of their territory.

They want to be petted

Many felines love to be petted while they eat, so you must be nearby. Despite their territorial nature, cats won’t be concerned if you take their food. Instead, some of them want some extra attention and affection during lunch to make it more pleasurable.

They are afraid of missing out

Many cats won’t care if you leave them alone while they eat lunch, but some are gregarious and may worry if they aren’t right next to you during enjoyable activities. Some cat breeds just like to be the centre of attention, so when they aren’t, they become anxious and stressed.

If your ball of fur keeps lifting her head and looking around the room in search of you, she’s missing out and that’s why she stopped eating. And if you can’t think of another explanation for why that lovely creature requires you to keep an eye on her as she eats, this could be it.


Although it’s generally not a cause for concern when your animal companion exclusively eats in front of you, there are few situations where it is. 

For instance, does your cat act normally else and refuse to eat unless you’re present? If so, you ought to talk to a veterinarian. Consistent vomiting is a bad symptom, so always get medical attention.

Another typical sickness symptom is loss of appetite. Cat shelter staffers claim that sick cats like eating from the hands of staff members and volunteers. These kittens enjoy human companionship and eat much more efficiently when they are around a person.


We answered the question “ why does my cat want me to watch her eat? “ We also discussed the reasons behind this behaviour in cats.