Why does my cat eat toilet paper?

Does your cat too unroll all the toilet paper in your house? It’s quite a common question that cat parents ask us “Why does my cat eat toilet paper?”. This article will unveil all facts regarding how to refrain your cat from unrolling the toilet paper.

Why does my cat eat toilet paper?

The destruction of toilet paper by your left behind cat in the house is significant because of the instinct they have from the big cats. Mainly kittens are involved in this destruction, but sometimes the adult felines too are interested in creating this havoc. The cat owner often sees it when they return home. A whole path of tissue paper in the house is waiting for them.

Following are the common reasons why cats eat toilet paper:


Cats are curious creatures and use their nose to explore anything from head to toe. They even sniff, lick or chew the items they like. We all know that cats love cardboard and paper and want to tear them apart. So is the case with paper towels and tissue papers. 

They enjoy the smell and taste of paper and continue to do what’s appealing to them. Some just chew the tissue paper and throw it out, but some might ingest it. 


As we know, felines are carnivores and cannot help but find something to hunt. Though we have domesticated them, they are where they belong. Cats like to play with toilet paper because they mimic it as their prey. And tearing the toilet paper is like pulling the meat of the prey they hunt down.

They like the way toilet paper unfolds and run; while catching it, they have to bite and kick it with their paws. This could be a reason why cats are obsessed with toilet paper. When your cat is doing bunny kicks, do not try to take away the tissue roll as they are in aggressive mode and might attack you.


When you are around, your cat feels accompanied, and when you are away, they are left with no choice but to do their hunting and kill the boredom. 

The Cornell University of Veterinary Medicine exposed that the multiple destructive and violent behaviours of cats are not because of some problem or disorder; it is their instincts. So try to take some time out of your routine to play with your cat, so it does not feel bored.


Pica is a health condition in which cats eat inedible things like mud, grass or toilet paper. They even like to eat plastic and paper. If your cat is playing with the toilet paper because of their hunting instincts, there is nothing to be worried about, but if your cat has some health concerns, you need to pay a visit to the vet.


If you have a kitten responsible for the paper disaster all over the house, this might be because of the irritation in their teeth because of the growing teeth. To satisfy their gums, they like to chew on soft things, and that’s where they decide tissue paper will do that job.


In some cases, though it’s rare, it happens when your cat is sometimes stressed due to the change of food, new house, new pet or new people in the place. There are other reasons too that can lead to anxiety in your cat. They try to cope with their stress by destroying tissue paper.


There are many toys for cats, like moving mice or fish, things that move, and they like to hunt them. The same is the case with tissue paper; as they touch it, the tissue paper roll moves and even goes further by rolling; cats like to catch it to play with it. They chew it, bite it and kick it. 

Though it looks adorable, it can cause serious health issues if your cat ingests the tissue.

Is it safe for cats to eat toilet paper?

If your cat has eaten the toilet paper, it can cause:

  • Choking
  • Intestinal obstruction

How do you refrain your cat from eating toilet paper?

Every cat parent knows that if a cat wants to do something, it will find a way to do it, but here are some of the things that might help you in preventing your cat from eating toilet paper:

  • Use a toilet paper guard that covers it so your furry can’t have it.
  • Always keep the bathroom door closed, especially when you leave them in the house.
  • You can use the toilet paper holder by placing it vertically instead of horizontally. This way, the tissue roll will be less accessible to your cat. 
  • You can destroy the round shape of the roll and make it square. That way, it is less appealing to your four-pawed feline.


This article discussed an interesting question “Why does my cat eat toilet paper?”. We also answered some questions, like whether it is safe for cats to eat toilet paper and how to prevent your cat from eating toilet paper. We hope that this article helped you learn several things.



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