Why do you not eat meat on Ash Wednesday?

This brief article will answer the questions: why you do not eat meat on ash Wednesday, what is ash Wednesday, what is lent, and what is the importance of observing ash Wednesday.

Why do you not eat meat on Ash Wednesday?

Not eating meat on Ash Wednesday is considered a form of sacrifice. The meat symbolizes the body of Jesus Christ and not eating meat is seen as a sign of respect and honor. Some Christians forego their different pleasures and cannot eat meat during lent and all the Fridays of Lent. 

Why is Ash Wednesday important?

It is used as a commemoration of the crucifixion of Jesus, marking the beginning of the Lenten period. Ashes are used to symbolize death and repentance of sins. It is also used as a repentance period as Christians remember that Jesus Christ died for them. 

What other foods cannot be eaten during Ash Wednesday?

During the lent period especially on ash Wednesday and Good Friday, Christians are not allowed to eat meat. This includes meat from lambs, pigs, chicken, turkey, deer, cow, and any other meat. 

What is lent?

This is the period between Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. This period is used to commemorate the death of Jesus Christ and the role of his death which was to save mankind from sin. 

It is marked by fasting and prayer. This period ends on Good Friday on which Jesus Christ was crucified and arose on Easter Monday. 

What foods are allowed to be eaten during Ash Wednesday?

Some products like 

  • Eggs are a great source of proteins and are considered a whole protein food. Eggs are widely available and are very easy to prepare. Eggs are eaten in moderation due to their high cholesterol levels.  
  • Milk is a source of calcium and proteins. It is mainly obtained from cattle and goats. It can be fermented to form yogurt which is a good form of milk to be taken by lactose intolerant people. 
  • Grains such as rice, maize, and other whole grains. Grains are rich in dietary fiber that aids in digestion by enhancing bowel movements. They are also a good source of carbohydrates that are essential in the provision of energy in the body.
  • Fruits such as apples and berries. These are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals in the body. They also act as hydrants and can be used to prepare fruit salads and smoothies. 
  • Vegetables such as kale, spinach, celery, cabbages, and many more. They are an excellent source of minerals such as iron and zinc that boost immunity, and vitamins that act as antioxidants and help in relieving symptoms such as inflammation.

What is the nutrient composition of meat?

Meat is a high-caloric food. It contains an average of 239kcal of calories per 100g of serving. It is also rich in various nutrients such as fats, carbs, proteins, vitamins, and minerals such as magnesium, electrolytes, and cholesterol.

Nutrients Concentration 
Proteins 27g
Fats 14g
Cholesterol 88 mg
Carbs 0g
Vitamins 20% of the dietary value
Minerals 22% of the dietary value. 

Meat is an excellent source of proteins. Proteins aid the body in the growth, gene expression, and repair of worn-out tissues. It is also an excellent source of High-Density lipoprotein cholesterol which is an invaluable asset in the body as it improves cardio health, boosts testosterone levels, and aids in cell synthesis. 

Meat doesn’t contain any form of carbohydrates. It is also rich in fats which are alternative sources of energy in the body. They also provide ketones that help in replenishing the brain cells. It also contains elements such as sodium and potassium that serve as electrolytes, iron which helps in the formation of red blood cells, and calcium which helps in bone development. 


This brief article has answered the questions: why you do not eat meat on ash Wednesday, what is ash Wednesday, what is lent, and what is the importance of observing ash Wednesday.





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