Why do I have to poop right after I eat?

In this brief guide, we will address the query ‘why do I have to poop right after I eat?’. We will also talk about if it’s bad to poop after eating and if eating can cause diarrhea. We will further discuss the causes of stomach cramps.

Why do I have to poop right after I eat?

You probably have to poop right after you eat because of something called gastrocolic reflex. It is a normal reaction from your body for when food enters the stomach.

The gastrocolic reflex, also called gastrocolic response, is an involuntary reaction that will cause the colon to contract when the stomach receives food. These contractions will move forward any food that was previously eaten and this often causes the urge to poop.

This reaction is completely normal, but it can be serious in some cases. There are some conditions that may affect the gastrocolic response, such as anxiety, gastritis, Crohn’s disease or food intolerances.

Another possibility to why you have to poop right after eating is something called fecal incontinence, but, in fact, this can happen even if you haven’t eaten anything.

Is it a bad thing to poop after I eat?

No, it’s probably not a bad thing to poop after you eat. The thing is, the food you just ate is not the one that is going down the toilet.

Doctors say that this is a “baby’s reflex”. There’s nothing to do with your digestive tract development, but it means that you probably didn’t lose the mechanism you had when you were just a baby.

Generally, there’s nothing to worry about if your stool looks normal. But you should pay attention if something seems off, like its aspect (watery or runny) and smell. If you  poop right after eating and you also feel abdominal pain, maybe you should see a doctor.

In other situations, people who may be suffering from diarrhea can also poop right after eating. In this case, they can also present other symptoms like bloating, fever, nausea, blood and mucus in the stool. Normally the symptoms go away shortly, but if it’s persistent then you should see a doctor.

Can eating cause diarrhea?

Yes, overeating can cause diarrhea, but only in specific cases like when you eat contaminated food, if you suffer from eating disorders, if you’re ill or if you have a very sensitive digestive tract (food intolerance, for example).

Generally, you will not get diarrhea without a good biological reason. But there are some foods that are more likely to give you diarrhea even if you’re completely healthy, like spicy foods, milk and dairy products, coffee, alcohol and fast food.

For people with food allergies, diarrhea is the most common reaction when you have contact with the allergen, along with nausea and vomiting. In this case, it is very likely that you’ll need to poop right after eating.

Do I need to poop everyday?

No, you don’t need to poop everyday. People often think that they need to poop at least once a day, but this is a myth. You should do your number 2 whenever you feel like it, every digestive system is unique. However, the average frequency is once or twice in a day.

For some people, it’s normal to poop every two or three days, and others poop two or three times in a single day. The thing is: what’s normal for you may not be so normal for another person.

The thing is to pay attention to your normal frequency. If you are a once-poop person and suddenly you’re going three or four times to the bathroom in a single day then something must be off and you should contact your doctor.

Why do I have stomach cramps?

There are multiple reasons for you to have stomach cramps and some of them are food poisoning, indigestion, anxiety, IBS, constipation, etc.

It is hard to determine why you have stomach cramps when there are too many things that cause this symptom. If you have stomach cramps and you’re pooping right after eating, you probably have food poisoning, but it can also be a viral or bacterial infection. 

But if you’re someone who suffers from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, having stomach cramps won’t be a surprise. People with IBS go to the bathroom frequently and poop more than 3 times a day or they won’t poop at all. This disease can cause diarrhea and stomach cramps more than once a week.


In this brief guide, we addressed the query ‘why do I have to poop right after I eat?’. We also talked about whether pooping after eating is bad or not and if eating can cause diarrhea. We then discussed the most likely causes of having stomach cramps.








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