Why do dogs eat tampons?

This dog blog will answer the most popular question, “Why do dogs eat tampons?” we will also discuss the reasons why dogs eat tampons, the risk factors of consuming tampons, and what to do to save the life of your pet. 

Why do dogs eat tampons?

Dogs eat tampons because they are attracted to the bodily fluids of human beings. This is because they smell pheromones and tract their way to the bathroom to explore the hygienic item that is lying in the trash can. 

What are the reasons for dogs eating tampons? 

Following are the reasons dogs eating tampons:


Boredom is the first reason why your dog is attracted to tampons. Tampons have a specific smell to which dogs are attracted. 

When boredom hits your dog, your dog tries to lift himself from the boredom. They need an exciting activity that can spice up the environment, so they are attracted to the strange things around them. 

They make their way to the bathroom and sniff the used tampon lying there. They sniff and then taste it, and if they like the taste, they eat it. 

Strange smell

Dogs are explorers. They try to explore the surroundings and are always attracted by the strange things in the surroundings. 

They love to sniff and taste new things which add to the memory of your dog. In this activity sometimes they eat things that can pose serious threats to their life such as tampons. 


Dogs are attracted to female pheromones. This is their basic instinct. If we want to focus on something we use our eyes. Dogs use their nose and tongue to identify anything. 

The used tampons have menstrual blood and the scent of the women, so dogs are attracted to that scent. 

What are tampons? 

A tampon is a female hygienic product that is used to absorb the menstrual blood during periods. 

It has two parts, one is the string, and the other is the cotton. The cotton absorbs the blood and expands a little bit. 

What are the risk factors of consuming tampons? 

There are several factors that decide whether your dog will be affected by the tampons or not. 

Following are the factors:

Size of the dog

If the dog is large, there is a greater chance that he will be alright if he consumes a tampon. There is a greater chance of survival of a great Dane than that of a pug. 

Number of tampons

If your dog eats one tampon he may pass it into the stool, but if your dog has consumed too many tampons then it is very difficult to pass it all into the feces. 

Many tampons can block one of the major parts of the gastrointestinal tract of the body. 

Type of tampon

If your dog consumes a used tampon then it will be at less risk of causing a problem than an unused tampon. This is because used tampons are already expanded and they won’t cause problems. On the other hand, used tampons expand when they come in contact with the saliva of the dog. 

What are the health risks of consuming a tampon? 

Following are the health risks of consuming a tampon:

  • It can cause choking in your dog. The unused tampon can get stuck in the esophagus, which can block it. It can also put pressure on the trachea, which leads to respiratory collapse. 
  • It can cause intestinal obstruction in your dog, which can be very painful for your dog. 
  • It can also cause tooth problems and mouth lesions, which can bleed in severe cases. 
  • It can also upset the stomach of your dog and can cause constipation in your dog. 

What can you do to save your dog? 

The first thing you can do is to call your vet. Your vet will advise you to wait for the clinical signs to appear and then bring him to the clinic. 

When your dog is brought to the clinic, the vet will examine his mouth to see if the tampon is stuck there. 

If it is not there, he will use an endoscope to find out where the blockage is in the gastrointestinal tract of the body. 

If this is fruitless your vet will do x-rays. In x-rays, you cannot see tampons, but your vet will try to locate the food and the gasses accumulation, which will give the idea of tampon location. 

Your vet might also use ultrasound to locate the tampon in the gastrointestinal tract of the body. 


In this brief discussion, we answered our important question, “Why do dogs eat tampons?” We also covered the reasons why dogs eat tampons, the risk factors of consuming tampons, and what to do to save the life of your pet. 





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