Why do dogs eat placenta?

If your female dog has given birth to some adorable puppies, you might have a question for us regarding placentas. This article will discuss “Why do dogs eat placenta?”. We will also cover some questions like whether you should let your dog eat the placenta, do puppies have umbilical cords when they are born and much more.

Why do dogs eat placentas?

The placentas are the source of energy for dogs. It is in their innate behaviour to eat the placenta when dog mommy gives birth to its puppies. It is also a process of cleaning the puppy. 

Should you let your dog eat placentas?

Yes, placentas are safe for dog mommies, and it’s natural. Or can cause no harm to your mother. 

What are the benefits of eating placenta?

Here are some of the few benefits of eating placentas from puppies after giving birth:

Source of energy:

Mother loses nutrients and energy during the process of giving birth. Also, many dogs don’t eat when they are in labour. So placenta helps in replenishing the lost energy.

Protein source:

It is full of protein, the essential requirement of the body’s muscles after the long process of birth. It is a feed to the powers of the body.

Recovery of the uterus:

Some theories propose that eating the placenta is necessary for the mother dogs as it helps repair the uterus. The uterus has gone through a traumatic event involving the rupture of blood vessels etc. 

Cleaning of a puppy:

It all gets messy when a mommy is giving birth to puppies. The dogs remove the placenta from the puppies and, luckily, clean them. It also helps in maintaining the nearby area clean, which prevents the chances of infections in puppies.

Does a dog mother eat its puppies?

It is uncommon, but we can’t say it’s not possible. Sometimes while eating a placenta, some dogs eat their puppy too. There are many reasons for this. The mother might sense that something is wrong with the puppy. Either it’s dead, I’ll or disabled because of some reason. 

So, dog mommies eat their infected, dead puppies to prevent their other puppies from getting ill. It’s a natural mechanism of action. 

What is after birth?

After birth is placentas of puppies are the connection between the mother dog and the puppies during the whole pregnancy. All the nutrients that puppies need during the period of 60 to 65 days of pregnancy move from mother to puppies by these placentas. 

Also, these placentas pick up the water material from the fetus, like urine etc. and move it into the mother’s system. The mother then removes the waste material from her body. It means that during the pregnancy, the fetus depends on the placenta for its nutrition and excretion of waste material.

The placenta is also responsible for essential functions like carrying oxygen to the puppies and maintaining their body temperature. The amazing fact about a dog’s placenta is that every puppy has its own. It is not like one placenta is connecting all the puppies. 

What happens after a dog gives birth to a litter of puppies?

After birth, mothers clean all their puppies by licking them and eating their placentas. The mother tries to keep the puppies warm as they are not baked to do that job alone. You should change the bedding of your dog and its puppies once it has given birth to all the puppies.

Try to keep away from the mother and do not disturb the mother while she is going through the process of birth. And do not touch the puppies until the mother allows you to. It can cause a sense of insecurity in the mother that her babies are in danger. 

Keep in view that the mother should pass after birth. If it remains inside the body after birth, it can cause a condition called metritisIt can cause death in dogs if left untreated. If your dog has not passed the placenta, pay a visit to the vet or contact a vet team at your home if you can. 

Always count the number of afterbirths and the number of puppies to ensure that there is no placenta in the mother.

Also, if the mother is neglecting the puppies, is not eating their placentas and is not cleaning them or feeding them. You should call your vet because if you leave the puppies unfed for a more extended period, they can die of hypoglycemia.


This article discussed “Why do dogs eat placenta?”. We also covered some questions like whether you should let your dog eat the placenta, do puppies have umbilical cords when they are born and much more.

It is pretty standard for dogs to eat their puppies’ placentals. It is okay if it has not eaten the puppies’ placentas, too. I hope we have helped you learn something.