Why do cats eat their hair?

In this brief discussion, we’ll answer the question, “Why do cats eat their hair?” We will also discuss how to stop your cat from eating its hair.

Why do cats eat their hair?

Cats eat their hair because

  • They may be stressed.
  • They are grooming themselves.
  • They have pica.
  • They are bored.
  • They have fleas or ticks.
  • They have dry skin.

In reality, cats consuming their own fur is very common. The several causes of your cat eating your hair are listed here in detail, along with solutions: 

Your cat is grooming itself

Your cat might consume part of the hair it sheds while grooming itself. If your cat uses their tongue to groom, it can accidentally consume something.

Because your cat can’t spit it up when grooming itself, your cat can occasionally be more likely to consume its own fur. The only alternative is to swallow it if they are unable to remove it from their mouth.

Your cat has pica

Your cat may be eating its fur because of pica, a cognitive problem that makes cats consume things they shouldn’t. This is more obvious if you catch your cat deliberately attempting to eat its own fur when it’s not being groomed.

Your cat has fleas

Your cat may lick its body and fur more frequently if fleas have bitten it. This can cause them to consume their hair. They may lick their body to alleviate the irritation and consume their hair as well in doing so. Your cat may also scratch themselves more vigorously than normal if they are unhappy. 

Your cat has dry skin

Dry skin can also cause cats to lick themselves and consume their hair. In an effort to alleviate its itch and dry skin issues, your cat may chew more of its fur. 

This problem can be solved by making sure your cat drinks plenty of water. Moreover, you should also look out for any underlying condition that may cause dry skin in cats.

Your cat is stressed

A cat that is under stress is more prone to rip out its fur. Excessive licking or chewing on hair often indicates stress in cats. The stress may be due to some underlying disease condition or any sudden changes in your cat’s environment. 

This could be a worrying habit rather than a grooming practice. In order to resolve such a situation, you should observe your cat and find out the root cause of its stress. Eliminating the cause of stress can be greatly effective in preventing your cat from eating its own hair.

Your cat is bored

Cats may also eat their hair when they are bored. Cats become bored easily due to which they may overgroom themselves. This is their way of keeping them occupied. To prevent this in cats, make sure to engage them in exciting activities and spend quality time with them.

Is it normal for cats to eat their hair?

Yes. Cats frequently consume their own hair, especially when they are grooming. Cats are accustomed to chewing at least a small amount of their own fur each day since they use their tongues to brush themselves. 

Some cats are also exceptionally tidy. If your cat yanks fur from its body, it might consume it as well, even if they spit it out. Cats do this despite the fact that it seems odd and is probably so.

How can I stop my cat from eating its hair?

It can be difficult to see your cat chew his own hair, but there are a few ways to stop him.

If your cat has long hair and likes to eat it, the simplest solution is to keep it short and accessible. 

The greatest alternative for your cat if he eats his fur is to keep its fur short, even though you may not have adopted a cat with long hair in the first place. You should also make sure to provide a nutritious diet to your cat and get it checked for pica.

Cats are harder to diagnose because they can’t communicate verbally, but it’s important to keep in mind that in order to properly treat your cat, you must comprehend their behaviour and take timely action.


We answered the question, “Why do cats eat their hair?” We also discuss how to stop your cat from eating its hair.



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