Which is the most expensive fish to eat?

In this brief article we will answer the query,” Which is the most expensive fish to eat?” We will also discuss a couple of reasons that make bluefin tuna the most expensive fish.

Which is the most expensive fish to eat?

Costing a whopping $ 3,603 per pound, the Bluefin Tuna takes the crown as the most expensive fish. 

In fact, back in 2013, one sushi restaurateur made headlines for dropping a cool 155.4 million yen which is equivalent to $ 1.76 million to purchase the first bluefin tuna of the season which weighed a massive 489 pounds!!

What makes Bluefin tuna so expensive?

Overfishing of Bluefin tuna

Overfishing is a big concern that faces the fishing industry. Overfishing refers to a situation where an area of an ocean has too many fishermen compared to the ratio of the fish. There are so many fishing companies that scramble to fish for bluefin tuna, this eventually results in the no.s of bluefish tuna dwindling.

Some types of fish do reproduce fast but just not fast enough to be able to meet the fishing demands with overfishing being a headache. This results in the no.s of Bluefin tuna decreasing more and more with each year. 

 Although regulations have been put in place to be able to curb the issue, they are not as effective because there is a black market for fish with high demands such as Bluefin tuna.

Now because of the supply being low and the demand being very high, the price of Bluefin tuna ends up shooting very high.

Bluefin tuna does not breed in captivity

Bluefin have proved to be extremely difficult to be bred in captivity. Many companies and researchers have tried this with terrible results. This is because the fish is very sensitive to certain environmental factors.

Factors such as the noise pollution, the temperature of the water as well as the movements of the currents affect their ability to reproduce. All the aforementioned factors are very difficult to control in a breeding pool or an artificial lake.

Bluefin tuna are accustomed to such conditions that even slight differences usually result in them not breeding. Now, because fishing companies are unable to breed them in captivity, the population cannot be increased and that leaves the wild as the only source of bluefin tuna.

The supply thus still continues to dwindle with the demand increasing and again it spikes the prices of the bluefin tuna.

The size of the Bluefin tuna

The size of the Bluefin tuna also plays a huge role in its high pricing. You might have noticed that the price of tuna in the grocery store is very affordable at about $2 while the Bluefin tuna costs a couple hundred of dollars for the same size.

This all comes down to size, the grocery store tuna is a fish known as albacore and these fish are small and reproduce quickly. Because they are in plenty, the supply is high and the demand is easily met keeping the cost low.

Since they are also small, they do not have meat on them. However the Bluefin tuna is a really huge fish. One bluefin tuna sold at an auction for a staggering $ 3 million and it weighed a massive 489 pounds.

When a fish’s pricing is dependent on its rarity, weight and quality of meat then it is bound to be very pricey. Now because bluefin tuna are faced with the grave problem of overfishing then most of them don’t get to grow into their full potential.

This means that if fishermen get a rare bluefin tuna that has grown to be large and heavy it will attract a very tidy amount of money for them.

Bluefin tuna has marbling meat

Marbling meat is the reason that bluefin tuna is the most preferred type of meat to be used in sushi. As compared to different other raw fish meat, it has the best quality meat that allows it to marbleize.

This enables it to create a  very juicy and delectable flavor as compared to other types of raw fish. This makes it a favorite among the chefs over other types of fish. This characteristic as well pushes for its demand to increase as it is considered to be a high quality fish.

With the high demand and low supply of the bluefin tuna again the price of the fish tends to shoot up.

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In this brief article we have answered the query,” Which is the most expensive fish to eat?” We have also discussed a couple of reasons which make bluefin tuna the most expensive fish.


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