Which fish look like a dragon?

In this brief discussion, we’ll answer the question, “which fish look like a dragon?” We will also talk about these fish in detail.

Which fish look like a dragon?

Following are the fish that look like dragons:

  • Dragonfish
  • Arowana
  • Dragonet
  • Leafy sea dragon
  • Dragon Goby
  • Dragon moray eel
  • Common sea dragon

When it comes to mythical creatures, dragons are one of the most fascinating. These legendary beasts have been a part of many cultures and folklore for centuries, inspiring art, literature, and even movies. 

Their iconic appearance with their scales, wings, and fiery breath has captured the imagination of many. Interestingly, there are several fish species that have been known to bear a striking resemblance to these legendary creatures.

Some of these fish are discussed below:

Dragon Fish

The first on our list is the dragonfish, which is native to the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean. These fish are also known as “scaleless fish,” as their scales are reduced to tiny, almost invisible nubs. 

This, coupled with their long, slender bodies and sharp teeth, gives them an appearance that is similar to the mythical dragon. They are also bioluminescent, which means that they can produce light, further adding to their legendary appearance.


Another fish that bears a resemblance to the dragon is the Arowana. This freshwater fish is native to South America and is known for its shiny, metallic scales that reflect light, making them appear almost iridescent. 

Their long, slender bodies, paired with their large, bony heads, give them an appearance that is similar to that of the mythical dragon.


Another dragoon look-alike on our list is the dragonet, which is a small, colorful fish native to the Mediterranean Sea. These fish are known for their bright, jewel-like colors and long, flowing fins, which give them an appearance that is similar to that of a dragon. 

They also have large, bright eyes, which give them a wise and knowing look.

Leafy Sea Dragon

The leafy sea dragon is a type of seahorse native to the waters of Southern and Western Australia. This fish is known for its long, leaf-like appendages that grow from its body, giving it a unique appearance that is reminiscent of the mythical dragon. 

Its bright colors and intricate patterns make it a popular species in the aquarium trade.

Dragon Goby

The dragon goby is a freshwater fish that is native to Southeast Asia. This fish has a long, slender body and a flattened head that gives it a dragon-like appearance. 

Its scales have a metallic sheen that adds to its mystical appearance, and its eyes are large and bright, giving it an almost knowing expression.

Dragon Moray Eel

The dragon moray eel is a species of eel that is native to the waters of the Indo-Pacific region. This eel has a long, slender body covered in scales that give it a reptilian appearance. 

Its snakelike movements and sharp teeth make it look even more dragon-like, and its ability to camouflage itself further enhances its mythical aura.


Axolotls have a unique appearance that has led many people to compare them to dragons. These aquatic salamanders have several features that make them resemble the mythical creatures of legend.

One of the most striking features of axolotls is their feathery external gills. These gills extend from the sides of the axolotl’s head, giving it a distinctive appearance. 

The gills move gently in the water, which gives the axolotl an almost ethereal look. In some ways, the gills resemble the whiskers on a dragon’s face.

Dragon Face Pipefish

The dragon face pipefish is a type of marine fish found in the tropical and subtropical waters of the Indo-Pacific region. It gets its name from its dragon-like appearance, with its elongated body and dragon-like head. Its scales are arranged in a way that resembles the armor of a dragon.

The dragon face pipefish is also known for its unusual reproductive habits. The males carry the eggs in a specialized pouch on their bellies until they hatch. This is similar to seahorses, which are close relatives of pipefish.

Common sea dragon

The common sea dragon, also known as the weedy sea dragon, is a close relative of the seahorse and is found in the waters of southern Australia. It is a truly unique creature that has captured the imagination of many marine enthusiasts.

The common sea dragon gets its name from the weed-like projections that cover its body, which help it to blend in with its surroundings. Its slender body is covered in bony plates, which further enhance its camouflage. 

These adaptations make the common sea dragon resemble the mythical dragon of legend, with its scaly, serpentine body.


 We answered the question, “which fish look like a dragon?” We also talked about these fish in detail.



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