Which ants eat humans?

This brief article will answer the questions: which ants eat humans, why they eat humans, what are ants, what do ants eat, what is the importance of ants in the ecosystem, and how can you control an infestation by ants. 

Which ants eat humans?

The only type of ants that can eat you is the African driver ant, fire ants, and the army ant. They have large jaws that are used for biting. They are relentless and do not let go after biting. They move in calvaries with notable paths. They can cause death to infants and incapacitated individuals. 

Why do ants eat humans?

Ants feed on humans because they feel threatened. Humans can kill thousands of ants just by stepping on them or using fire. Ants deliberately pass through your clothes and onto the skin where they bite. 

Some ants with large heads bite and do not let go unless they are killed. They also do so to protect their queen. The queen is responsible for laying eggs and building the colony. They also feed on human corpses as they are a source of food to them. 

What are ants?

These are small animals that measure about 40-60 millimeters. They possess scissor-like mandibles that are capable of stinging. They live in colonies and they travel in cavalry. Their mandibles are capable of shearing. 

There are over 40 million individuals all over the world. The most dangerous ants are army nuts as they tend to bite. These army ants are commonly found in Africa and Asia. they are also called siafu. 

They are of the family Dorylinae. They are heavy carriers and can lift to 5000 times their body weight. They live underground in burrowed holes. They migrate in times of food shortage and can become a menace when they come in contact with the garden or house. 

What do ants eat?

Ants are omnivorous and feed on anything edible that comes their way. The most common diets are the milk of aphids, small Hemiptera, insects, human food, small living and dead invertebrates, dead mammals, the sap of plants, fruits, and insect eggs. 

What is the importance of ants in the ecosystem?

They are burrowers and this helps in the maintenance of soil structure through aeration. Aeration improves the access to atmospheric oxygen and nitrogen by bacteria that in turn live symbiotically with plants ensuring good growth. 

They also help in promoting water drainage in soils thus preventing soil erosion. This maintains the nutritious top layer soils that promote good plant growth. They also help in spreading vegetation cover. They often carry seeds and store them for food. These seeds later sprout to form new plants. 

They also help in regulating pests. Ants feed on insects such as mosquitos, aphids, keds, and caterpillars that spread viral and bacterial diseases to plants. This promotes good plant health and increased productivity. 

Ants help in maintaining the flow of energy and nutrients in the ecosystem. They act as decomposers that help in the mechanical breakdown of carcasses and organic matter to finite amounts that are colonized by bacteria and fungi and further broken down. 

How can you control an infestation by ants?

There are both artificial and natural ways of dealing with ants. 

Natural ways of controlling ants. 

This is the use of naturally available materials that act as ant repellants. They include

  • The use of diatomaceous earth. It kills ants by desiccating the oils and water in their bodies. It can be purchased here. 
  • Pepper and peppermint. They repel ants as their smell is irritative. 
  • Water. It can be boiled or cold water. It is poured into ant holes and kills them instantly. 
  • Fire. you can use a fire gun to burn them thus killing many of them.
  • Boric acid. This is a poison that kills the colonies in 2-3 weeks. 
  • Lemons. They alter the pheromones and also mask the scent of food. 
  • Cutoff sources of food. This is by properly packaging your foods well and avoiding any food spillage. 

Artificial methods of controlling ants.

You can use modern ant repellants. They can be sprayed or applied directly into the ant holes. You can buy some here. You can also use detergents to alter the pheromones that make them come back into the house. 


This brief article has answered the questions: which ants eat humans, why they eat humans, what are ants, what do ants eat, what is the importance of ants in the ecosystem, and how can you control an infestation by ants.