Where is Trader Joe’s headquarters?

In this brief guide, we’ll address the search query. “Where is Trader Joe’s headquarters?” Also, we’ll explore what Trader Joe’s is, where they were founded, where they operate, and how our readers can locate a Trader Joe’s near them. 

Where is Trader Joe’s headquarters? 

Trader Joe’s headquarters are located in Monrovia California. Monrovia is located in the San Gabriel Valley in the county of Los Angeles. Also, trader Joe’s has offices in Boston Massachusetts.

It’s worth noting that Monrovia not only hosts the headquarters of Trader Joe’s and other businesses, but it is also a location in which entertainment and publicity are filmed.

By 2021, Trader Joe’s was listed as the number two top employer in Monrovia, with 341 employees, making it second only to the Monrovia unified school district which employs 724 individuals.

Additionally, Monrovia hosts other businesses (though not necessarily headquarters) such as Green Dot (financial technology company), Naked Juice, and Original Tommy’s. 

What is Trader Joe’s? 

Trader Joe’s is a chain of grocery stores that has over 530 establishments across the United States. 

The company has been operating since the 1960s but in 1979 was acquired and owned by the entrepreneur Theo Albrecht. Upon his death in 2010, ownership of Trader Joe’s passed to his descendants. 

Trader Joe’s has a high rate of discontinuing sales of products that exceeds that of any other grocery store in the US, though it is also distinguished by its efforts in promoting sustainability efforts, both in its locations and to consumers. 

California has the most Trader Joe’s establishments, with just over 180 locales being operational. 

Where was Trader Joe’s founded? 

Trader Joe’s was originally founded in 1958, though it operated under a different name–Pronto Market.- and had a format similar to quick-stop stores such as seven eleven and other gas station stores. 

The founder, Joe Coulombe, then switched the name and format of his shops into a grocery store, and dubbed them “Trader Joe’s.” 

The very first Trader Joe’s premiered in Pasadena California and remains operating to this day. 

Before the surge of out-of-state supply chains, many of the foods Trader Joe’s had on sale were sourced from locals, such as butchers, and dairy farmers, and ready-to-eat meals such as sandwiches. 

By 1979, the Trader Joe’s brand was purchased by Theo Albrecht, who remained its owner until his death in 2010. 

Trader Joe’s expanded with its founder working as CEO, and to this day, remains among the most lucrative chains of grocery stores in the United States. 

Where does Trader Joe’s operate? 

Trader Joe’s operates in the United States. The company boasts roughly 509 locales, across the country, and employs roughly 10,000 people. 

California boasts the highest number of Trader Joe’s grocery stores, with 192 locations, while the busiest stores are located in Manhattan. 

It should be noted that Trader Joe’s currently does not have a presence in Alaska or Hawaii. 

How can I locate a Trader Joe’s nearby? 

There are many ways for our readers to locate Trader Joe’s grocery stores in their vicinities. Notably, they can use search engines to pinpoint the Trader Joe’s closest to their location. 

Also, they can make use of personal assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Google now. If our readers are especially mindful of the establishments they visit and take their business to, we encourage them to use search engines that have the feature of leaving and displaying reviews. 

Readers can also consult locations on Trader Joe’s official website, along with many other details such as operating hours, stocks, and availability of items in certain locations. 

Notably, Trader Joe’s does not offer any forms of online ordering, pick-up, or delivery service, which means that our readers will need to visit their stores in person to fulfill their shopping needs. 

However, Trader Joe’s accepts many forms of payment, ranging from those powered by mobile phones, to personal cheques, cash, credit, and EBT cards, and they also sell gift cards.

Also, Trader Joe’s maintains that they don’t have sales on any of the items they offer in their store, as they constantly offer the lowest reasonable price on many goods. 

To summarize, our readers should explore their options when it comes to grocery shopping, as each store can offer different benefits in product variety and pricing. 


In this brief guide, we’ve addressed the search query. “Where is Trader Joe’s headquarters?” Also, we’ve explored what Trader Joe’s is, where they were founded, where they operate, and how our readers can locate a Trader Joe’s near them. 






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