What volume does a medium coffee have at Starbucks?

In this brief guide, we’ll address the search query: “What volume does a medium coffee have at Starbucks?” Also, we’ll explore what sized beverages Starbucks sells, what beverages Starbucks sells, and what our readers should bear in mind when buying coffee in a coffee shop. 

What volume does a medium coffee have at Starbucks? 

In Starbucks coffee shops, a medium coffee is (perhaps confusingly) referred to as a grande. This size alludes to a sixteen ounce beverage (for both cold and hot drinks). 

As such, there isn’t a medium-sized coffee at Starbucks. The company has its own sizing charts and names for the beverages it serves. That said, Starbucks offers beverages in 3 ounces, 8 ounces, 12 ounces, 16 ounces, 20 ounces, and 30 ounces. 

Depending on what our users deem to be medium-sized, a medium at Starbuck can have between 12 and 20 ounces, though these sizes have different names and may not be available for all beverages. 

What sized beverages does Starbucks sell?

As we mentioned above, Starbucks has its own sizing chart for beverages. These include: 

  • Demi – a demi contains 3 ounces, and is exclusively sold for espresso shots. This allows consumers to intake caffeine, sans the volume of a large coffee cop.
  • Short – this drink size can hold 8 fluid ounces, and is only offered for hot beverages such as teas and coffees.
  • Tall – this size contains 12 ounces, and both hot and cold drinks are available in this size.
  • Grande – many regard this as a medium size, as its intermediate and available for both hot and cold beverages. Grande-sized drinks can hold 16 ounces.
  • Venti – taken from the italian word for the number 20, this size may actually pose a bit of confusion for our readers, as it can hold 20 ounces of a hot beverage, but 24 ounces of of a cold beverage.
  • Trenta – this drink contains 31 ounces, and for safety (and convenience, ultimately), it is only available for cold beverages. 

Starbucks sizes are a trademark of the brand, and these sizes therefore do not apply to other coffee companies and locales. 

What beverages does Starbucks sell?

Starbucks sells an array of beverages, both cold and hot, though of course, the exact availability of these beverages will depend on supplies within each shop. 

Starbucks sell many hot coffee drinks such as Americanos, Veranda Blends, Caffé Mistos, Dark Roasts, Decaf dark roasts, cappuccinos, espressos, flat whites, lattes, macchiatos, mochas, and blends for brewing at home. 

They also sell hot teas such as Chai tea, Chai lattes, Earl Grey, Teavana, Royal English tea, Royal english Latte tea, Green teas, and Herbal teas. 

Additionally, they sell cold beverages such as frapuccinos in a variety of flavors and coffee blends, creams, along with ice coffees (espressos, americanos, cold brews) and other cold-brewed mixtures. 

Additionally, they also sell iced tea in a wide array of flavors, and other cold infused and blended drinks known as refreshers beverages. 

We encourage our readers to peruse the beverage menu and make inquiries with baristas if they have any doubts regarding the ingredients or presentations these beverages are offered in.   

What should I bear in mind when buying coffee in a coffee shop?

As a general rule, our readers should bear in mind their caloric needs throughout the day, especially when they eat or otherwise order out. 

Some of the beverages Starbucks offers may be high in calories, and therefore unideal for those on stringent diets indicated for weight-loss and other nutritional needs.

Also, our readers may purchase beverages that are low in calories, but should remain mindful of the calories they themselves may add if using sweeteners such as refined sugars and other toppings. 

Sweetened beverages garnished with syrup, and other sweeteners should be consumed in moderation, due to the amount of empty calories they can supply. 

Excessive sugar intake is associated with insulin resistance (decreased insulin sensitivity), obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, and many other conditions. 

We encourage our readers to maintain a balanced diet and consume sweetened beverages in moderation, even if they’re sweetened with low-calorie additives, as these have been associated with insulin resistance. 


In this brief guide, we’ve addressed the search query: “What volume does a medium coffee have at Starbucks?” Also, we’ve explored what sized beverages Starbucks sells, what beverages Starbucks sells, and what our readers should bear in mind when buying coffee in a coffee shop. 







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