What type of dog is the target dog? 

Bullseye, a target dog, has been a part of the advertising campaign as Target’s playful mascot since 1999. This article will cover the concern “What type of dog is the target dog?”, its breed, history, and many other features associated with it, etc.   

What type of dog is the target dog? 

Bullseye, a white bull terrier, also referred to as “Bullie” is the currently known target dog. Bullseye often appears on the red carpets of events, the opening of a new store, and often in Target corporate advertisements. 

People around the world recognize Bullseye for her fame as a representative of Target corporation. With a target emblem painted on the left eye, white body, and pointed ears, it would be difficult to not recognize this dog.

Is the target dog a male or female? 

Bullseye has been a male character but he’s been played by the female dogs. However, this wasn’t the first time that a female bull terrier filled the role of a male dog. In the 1980s, Spuds MacKenzie was the popular mascot for Bud Light beer. The dog that played Spurs was a female.

The dog received severe backlash from influential identities but that wasn’t the only controversy associated with Spuds. Her handlers went to great lengths to keep the dog’s gender a secret. They used to shield the dog with their coats whenever she would go to the bathroom. 

What’s the history of the bullseye, the target dog? 

Bullseye’s debut as a representative of Target corporation was in 1999. She was a part of the advertising campaign called “Sign of the Times”. This campaign became a huge hit with a target dog as their lead and people admired it so much that they practically demanded it. 

Target corporation responded to it by incorporating Bullseye into almost all of their marketing campaigns. Bullseye made her way into online pop-ups, magazines, newspapers, and even gift card designs for that autumn. 

The corporation further launched its target dog’s plush toys in 1999. They were 15 inches tall and sold in around all of their locations. It became a 7-inch toy in 2001 with a line of outfits and styles based on the dog. In this way, the dog earned huge fame around the whole of America. 

In 2003, the Bullseye was featured in another significant ad campaign called “See. Spot. Save.” This campaign gained her the most fame and has cemented her as an icon of American pop culture. All these accomplishments have made Bullseye more of a celebrity. 

What’s the breed of the bullseye, the target dog? 

Bullseye is a bull terrier and she’s not born with the logo around its left eye. This logo coloring process started with the colorist, Rose, who created a dog-friendly and Humane society-approved vegetable dog make-up in shades of red and white. 

Bull terriers rarely come in pure white color, Rose must paint any tan or yellow patches with white coloring to give the dog its desired contrast. The bullie dog patiently waits each time Rose put on the make-up. Any squinting during the process could end up badly. 

Is Bullseye the only target dog? 

Bullseye, over the years, has gained massive popularity by saying “yes” to every promotional opportunity. However, no dog can be everywhere at once. There are a total of six bull terriers and two under training so that they can be declared as target dogs. 

Each bull terrier is trained for at least six months on etiquette and composure before her debut. It was very bold of Target corporation to choose bull terrier as their representative. They were initially a British breed, whose purpose was to be the ultimate fighting dog. 

Can the target dog make a good pet? 

Although Bullseye has a history of a fighting dog, they are more a lover than a fighter. They are affectionate dogs and children are often their favorites. These dogs require more maintenance as compared to other dog breeds due to their activity status. 

They require a great deal of exercise and can have a high level of intensity sometimes. They are always up for new activities and want to be around their family. They love to socialize as early as possible to behave positively. 

They are medium-sized dogs, weighing around 35-75 pounds, 21-22 inches tall from their withers, and have a life spanning around 10-15 years. They aren’t quite the perfect pet as they are aggressive toward other animals and have a particular dislike for other dogs. 


Today, we covered the article “What type of dog is the target dog?”, its breed, history, and many other features associated with it, etc. From the above discussion, it’s concluded that Bullseye, a bull terrier, is the Target mascot. 

Bullseye is a male character but only female bull terriers have taken the role so far. It has a hectic schedule and multiple professionally trained dogs play the part at any given time. 



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