What to eat with rice?

In this brief guide, we will address the query: “What to eat with rice?” Also, we’ll explore how rice can be cooked, and what are some popular dishes made with rice, both sweet and savory. 

What to eat with rice? 

Many recipes and many foods can be eaten with rice. Depending on the cuisine of your choice, you may be inclined to eat strong-flavored dishes such as meats, seafood recipes, and curry dishes with rice, or it can be used as an ingredient in desserts, salads, and other foods. 

In some cultures, rice is served as a side dish to contrast dishes that have very strong flavors and spices, while in others, it can be served as a main dish when cooked with the main ingredients. 

To summarize, there are many recipes and ways to eat rice with other food types, it’s simply a matter of finding what suits your taste buds. 

How can rice be cooked?

Depending on the chosen recipe, rice can be cooked into sautéed dishes, stews, served on its own, mixed into a salad, served in a wrap, or made into a dessert such as pudding. 

Most dishes require boiling rice prior to cooking it, as boiling makes it less mealy, and cements some components such as vitamins and minerals into the endosperm, which is the grain’s long and edible part. 

As we’ve mentioned before, rice can be made into both savory and sweet dishes, and each cuisine has its assortment of recipes that involve using rice. 

Rice can be lightly fried and simmered with stock, baked with morsels of meat, made into pudding, served steamed as a side dish alongside strongly-flavored meats and vegetables, or used to give texture to water and stock-based broths.  

Rice is a popular food in Asian cuisine, and several recipes exemplify the wide variety of ways it can be used. Dishes such as curry, sushi, porridge, and pilaf are but a few examples of how rice can be eaten. 

Other dishes of non-Asian heritage such as Paella, Olleta, Risotto, and Dolma also serve as examples of different style-cuisines that use rice as the main ingredient. 

What are some popular dishes made with rice? 

Depending on the type of cuisine, there will be many rice-based dishes 

Dishes of Asian heritage are among the most popular, due to rice’s importance (both dietary and commercial) in the continent. 

Popular Asian dishes include Sushi, Curry, Pilaf, fried rice, steamed rice, congee, Kamameshi (kettle rice), Donburi, Kaisendon (steamed rice served with sashimi), Temaki, Mandi, Ketupat (Asian rice cakes), Dolma, Tendon, Oyakodon, Okayu (rice porridge), Omurice (an omelet made with rice), etc. 

Popular European dishes made with rice include Paella, Risotto, Spanakorizo, Arroz con Conejo y caracoles (rice with rabbit meat and escargot), Ghampama, Mountain rice, Gamopilafo, rice pudding, Prasorizo, Arroz con bogavante, Arros negre, Cabidela, etc. 

Many of these dishes are prepared with ingredients that allude to their respective region’s heritage, such as seafood, dairy foods, and spices. 

With just a few keystrokes into a search bar, our users will be provided a plethora of recipes that can be made or served with rice. It simply is a matter of one’s taste and culinary predilections. 

However, the wide assortment of recipes that can be made with rice may not necessarily imply free rein. For example, some recipes may be rich in calories, added sugars, fats, and salt. 

Furthermore, the quality of a dish may also be contingent on what variety of rice is cooked alongside the other ingredients, as not all varieties have the same grade or quality when boiled and then cooked. 

For example, paella rice is different from other types as it absorbs more water and has a “glassy” texture: this makes it ideal for cooking paella, as it will not stick together, even if it is not stirred. 

The same can be said of other specialty dishes such as sushi, and risotto. 

Additionally, not all rice varieties provide the same health benefits, and as a general rule, more refined rice tends to supply more calories than other nutrients such as protein, fiber, and bioactive compounds. 

For example, brown, black, and red rice are more nutrient-dense than white rice, which has been essentially cleaned of its nutrient-supplying components. 

Here, at Facts about Food, we encourage our readers to always be mindful of their daily calorie intake, and to avoid the surplus consumption of calories from carbohydrates. 

An excessive intake of calories from carbohydrates is associated with a plethora of health disorders, and we advise our readers to combine calories from rice with a balanced diet, and aerobic exercise. 


In this brief guide, we have addressed the query: “What to eat with rice?” Also, we have explored how rice can be cooked, and what are some popular dishes made with rice, both sweet and savory. 







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