What to eat when nothing sounds good

In this brief guide, we will address the query, “what to eat when nothing sounds good?” We will also discuss what items can help you get nutrients and energy when you do not know what you want to eat.

What to eat when nothing sounds good?

There are different options when it comes to deciding what to eat when you feel hungry but you just do not know what you are craving. Feeling hungry is an uncomfy sensation that needs to be handled as soon as possible because that feeling lets you know when your energy is going down. 

Fortunately, there are different options for when you feel this way, you will get the nutrients you need to keep up on your routine without causing any sort of discomfort. Let’s talk about what options you have.

First, pasta is always a good idea, and there is a wide variety to choose from, some of them do not require a lot of ingredients or time. An all-time favorite of mine is this delicious pasta that will not take you longer than 30 minutes to make.

If you are looking for something simpler, a sandwich will always do the job. Anything you want can fit between two slices of bread, it is up to you if you want to add some veggies or seasonings, let your mind fly!

For those who do not want to consume something heavy, I would recommend you a salad! It would only take you about 10 minutes to make and you can choose all the veggies you want. Adding some fruits to your salad will give you a fresher flavor that you’ll end up loving.

If you do not feel like chewing, you can find in the market drinkable yogurt that will provide you with protein, calcium, and vitamin B (vitamin B3).  

It is important to keep your body well-nourished, it is not recommended to let hunger unattended as it can lead to different unwanted conditions.

What is hunger?

Hunger is a sensation that all people have experienced at least once in life, and we can not deny that is an uncomfy sensation that makes your stomach hurt when your body is running out of energy.

Hunger will let you know when your body needs to consume more food to function correctly. Different factors regulate your hunger levels, such as

  • Hormones.
  • The hypothalamus.
  • Your blood sugar level.

The brain has a major role in hunger, in the hypothalamus, our hormones will be in charge to control the feeling of hunger and appetite. 

However, there are occasions when even you can feel hungry, you just can’t figure out what you want to eat. This is such a frustrating feeling that can happen to anyone, but certain factors will let you know when it is no longer normal.

What is aimless hunger?

The term “aimless hunger” refers to when you feel hungry but anything seems appetizing. If you have ever experienced this feeling, you can tell that your appetite is just not working as normal.

When you feel this way, the best is to eat just a little snack, to prevent your body runs out of energy. But what causes this behavior? Well, certain conditions have been associated with the loss of appetite, and some of them have a psychological foundation. 

Aimless overeating should not stop you from eating anything, it is better to eat just a small snack instead of ignoring your hunger. It might be hard, but your body will be very thankful to you.

Is it normal to not feel hungry?

Human life is a roller coaster that is unpredictable and can mess up our whole routine with a little movement. The rapid style of life, stress, emotions and other health issues can cause we do not feel like eating as we usually do, which is normal from time to time.

However, if the loss of appetite is a constant in your life, there might be something else going on. Some of the most common causes of this behavior are

  • Stress. When we stress out, our body will release different compounds that can change our digestion making us lose appetite. If you do not eat for a long time, a substance called cortisol will be rremovedand cause you to ingest unhealthy food.
  • Medications. Some medicines can mess up your appetite. If this keeps going on for a long period, make sure you check it with your doctor.
  • Stomach infection. If you feel some sort of discomfort in your stomach, the last thing you want to do is to eat. However, you cannot ignore your hunger, choose a bland diet instead. 
  • Depression. This condition causes your brain to produce a hormone that reduces your appetite. 

If you want to read more about this subject, do not forget to visit the WebMD site.

What can you eat when nothing sounds good?

Even when your appetite is not working as it normally does, it is recommended to eat a little snack instead of just ignoring your hunger. Fortunately, there are so many options in the market that will provide you with nutrients without making you feel extremely full.

Remember that we are recommended to keep a healthy and balanced diet all the time, to achieve this, you need to include these nutrients in each meal

  • Protein.
  • Fat.
  • Carbohydrates.

Also, it can be useful to ask yourself if you would like to eat something cold, spicy, or sweet, with veggies… 

Some options that can provide you with enough nutrients to keep you going are

  • Yogurt.
  • Scrambled eggs.
  • Cereal.
  • A piece of fruit.
  • Toast with butter or avocado.
  • Smoothies.

All of these items can be found pretty much anywhere and will calm your stomach!


In this brief guide, we have addressed the query, “what to eat when nothing sounds good?” We have also discussed what items can help you get important nutrients even when you do not know what to eat.

Hope you found this blog useful. If you have any questions, please let us know.



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