What parts of a crab can you eat?

In this brief guide, we will address the query, “what parts of a crab can you eat?” We will also discuss how to remove the meat from a crab and how to differentiate between a male and a female crab.

What parts of a crab can you eat?

Eating crab is not an easy task as it takes a lot of practice to master this science. You must remove the lungs from the crab, although they are not toxic, they do taste horrible and they are not easy to digest.

You should scrape out all of the gooey stuff found in the center of the crab’s body, if you spot green stuff, it is the liver, and you can choose not to eat it. The edible part of a crab is located in the cartilage-lined channels, to get it, it is necessary to break the body in half.

You should be patient when it comes to extracting the meat from the cartilaginous channels, it will take some practice to master crab eating. If your crab is not big, it might be more difficult to extract the meaty part. Small crabs can be added to soups and sauces.

You can also pick the meat from inside the legs and claws of the crab, it takes a little effort to get the meat from the cartilage of both of these parts. For smaller crabs, this might be very hard to achieve, only do it when you have large crabs. 

What are crabs?

If you have ever eaten this delicacy, you might wonder what exactly is a crab? Well, according to the Marine Biological Association, crabs belong to the decapods family which is characterized by having 10 legs, just like 

  • Shrimps.
  • Prawns.
  • Lobsters.

These animals are provided with a pair of claws and a protective shell that protects them from their environment. The claws are used to catch and crush their prey, or they can also use them to fight other crabs or communicate with them. 

The best time to eat crabs is when their shell starts to harden after molting. When crabs are harvested, it is normal to find both male and female crabs, both are edible, but it is better to only eat male crabs.

It is quite easy to differentiate between male and female crabs, there are a few features that should be taken into consideration.

How can you differentiate male and female crabs?

Different features will help you differentiate between male and female crabs, this is useful because hunting female crabs is not an encouraged practice, it can even be illegal in certain locations.

According to the Food line, different features will help you identify female and male crabs, such as.

  • First, you need to flip the crabs upside down. Check the shape on the underside of their shell, if it looks like a candle, it is a male crab; a wide ball shape is found only in female crabs.
  • The claws will also let you identify the gender of the crab, when the claws are blue, it is a male crab, while the red-tipped claws are characteristic of female crabs.
  • Female crabs can also exhibit orange stuff in their bodies, which is commonly known as roe, which are the eggs.

Are crabs healthy?

If you decide to give crabs a try, besides the delicious taste, you will also get different nutrients. According to the USDA, a serving size of 118 grams of crab will provide

Nutrition facts about crab
Total Fat0.9g
Cholesterol 114mg
Sodium 466mg

As you can tell, crabs are a valuable source of protein and they do not even contain 1 gram of fat. As you can tell, there are different nutrients provided by this species, which are associated with different health benefits.

What are the health benefits associated with crab consumption?

Crabs provide different nutrients that help your body function correctly, some of the health benefits associated with crab consumption are

  • Boost heart health.
  • Prevent anemia.
  • Promotes brain health.

If you want to read more about the nutritional features of crab meat, click here.

How to eat crab?

According to Wikihow certain steps will guarantee you success when you want to try these delicacies. You can use the help of a dull knife and a claw cracker, it will make things easier.

Follow these steps to successfully eat crab meat

  • Remove the legs and claws.
  • Turn the crab over on its back and open the apron.
  • Pull off the top shell, do it carefully.
  • Take the bottom half and break it in half.
  • Now, it is time to pick the chunks of crab meat from the body, enjoy!


In this brief guide, we have addressed the query, “what parts of a crab can you eat?” We have also discussed what is the proper method to remove the meat from a crab and other queries related to the subject at hand.

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