What is the you-on-a diet?

In this article, we are going to discuss “You on a diet”. I will include an explanation of the diet with the health benefits the food provides. In addition to that, I will add some of the benefits it includes. 

What is the you-on-a diet?

You-on-a diet that Dr. Roizen and Dr. Oz wrote about in their book “You on a diet, the Owner’s manual for waist management”.

The book uncovers the struggles many people face with their dieting. It goes into the basic explanation of the whole process of fat storage in the body.

It also explains the energy-burning mechanism that is metabolism. Understanding the basic nature of weight gain raises awareness of how weight can be managed. The book includes other factors that affect the weight of the body. 

Some factors play a major role in increasing or reducing the weight we have. From hormones to enzymes and to stress and their effect on weight. It also shows how much the brain interacts with the body organs and affects the use of food for energy and the storage of excess calories.

The diet includes 1700 calories in a day, including 3 meals per day. It includes snacks as well from 2 to 3 snacks per day. The program lasts for two weeks. The diet focuses on the conception of healthy food. It strays away from restrictions. 

The good thing about the diet is how it focuses on food that is healthy and not processed. Natural food provides essential nutrients and benefits that the body needs. It provides vitamins and minerals to our body depending on what we eat.  

The diet includes meat that is essential for our muscle health and prevention of the loss of muscle mass. It also includes other sources of protein from fish and skimmed milk. The milk is better fortified with vitamin D which works hand in hand with maintaining healthy bones. 

The diet is rich in calcium from skim milk or includes. Calcium is essential for bone health. It provides enough calcium so the bone density does not decrease and reduces the risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures as a result. 

The diet is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids from fish and nuts. These two foods are super notorious foods included in the diet. Nuts are filled with healthy fat that is healthy and filling. 

The diet eliminates food that is considered unhealthy and would harm your health. These foods include trans fat, saturated fat, and simple sugars. Trans fat is linked to an increase in cardiovascular diseases. 

Saturated fat should be limited in your diet to less than 10%. Sugar is a substance that is found in many sweets and baked goods. It causes addiction when consumed in excess due to it sending a feeling of reward after taking it. 

The brain seeks this good feeling and thus you would want to eat more and more of it. Excess sugar would cause weight gain and inflammation in the body.

The diet focuses on hydration and the importance of drinking water. It also encourages exercise for your health. And prevent late-night snacking.

What are the benefits of the diet?

The diet is beneficial in terms of giving 3 balanced meals and including smacks between them. Frequent meals would reduce the feeling of feeling hungry and unsatisfied.

The diet is also written by two health care professionals. Both authors are certified medical doctors who have enough knowledge of the human body and how it works.

The diet includes whole food rather than processed harmful food. It contains food that is rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are good for your health.

The diet encourages healthy habits of physical activity that are beneficial for your health and losing weight

The diet is not a short-term solution, rather it gives a lifestyle you can change and fit into your life. The diet can be practiced daily and applied, it is not as complex, and it includes menus and recipes that are helpful. It also explains the whole process of metabolism in the body and how fat is absorbed. 


In this article, we discussed “You on a diet”. I included an explanation of the diet with the health benefits the food provides. In addition to that, I added some of the benefits it includes. 


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