What is the ulzzang diet?

In this article, we are going to discuss the “Ulzzang diet”. I will include some of the food that is eaten for the meals, and analyze if they are enough as meals on their own or not.

What is the ulzzang diet?

Ulzzang is a Korean word that means the best face in its literal meaning. It is slang that originated in South Korea and describes someone who is good-looking. The term is usually used to describe celebrities, yet it is used to describe someone who looks good.

The term is common among idols that many people try to be like in terms of beauty. The diet is not a crash diet, since it gradually reduces the calories each day. By gradually reducing the calorie intake, weight loss gradually occurs. In 14 days, almost 500 calories reduction. 

Most people want quick results to achieve weight loss, so in terms of the Ulzzang diet, it adapts a steady weight loss by gradual calorie reduction.

Most fad diets or crash diets promise quick weight loss through the immediate reduction in calories from day one. They drop the calorie intake to under 1200 calories per day, without easing the body into such restrictions.

It is hard to adapt to the sudden decrease in calories, and the body will have a hard time adjusting. Hormones will be unbalanced as well, especially hunger-regulating hormones.

The diet is limited in food options though for 14 days. It has 3 meals only, no snacks between them. Breakfast options are oatmeal, yogurt, cornflakes, banana, boiled eggs, and sweet potatoes. Some options provide nutrients and some are not enough. 

Having oatmeal for breakfast is a good option. It contains fiber, and calcium from the milk added to it. Calcium supports healthy bone and prevents osteoporosis. 

Oatmeal is rich in fiber which will make you feel satisfied for a longer period of time. It is also a low glycemic index food that does not spike your blood sugar. 

Bananas are nutritious and rich in potassium, but alone they are not enough for a breakfast. It only contains a bit over 100 calories and the breakfast will not be balanced enough. Having only carbs for breakfast will not satisfy you and give you enough energy throughout the day.

A yogurt is a good option for breakfast, it provides carbs, protein, and fat ( depending on the type of yogurt used). It is rich in protein which will make you feel satisfied and full, and it is rich in calcium which would support healthy bones. It is better to add fruits with yogurt to have a more balanced meal.

Eggs are low in calorie and nutrient-rich food. An egg contains only 72 calories, they contain no carbs or sugar in them. They are high in protein which supports healthy muscles. They are rich in calcium, vitamin B12, B6, vitamin A, and vitamin D.

Sweet potatoes are rich in carbs, fiber, vitamin A, potassium, manganese, vitamin B6, B5, vitamin C, and Vitamin E. It is rich in carbs, but in terms of the glycemic index, it is a bit on the higher side, which means it raises blood sugar quickly. 

As a meal on its own, it is not enough due to the lack of protein in it. Adding a source of protein with sweet potatoes improves breakfast such as milk.

For lunch, it varies among a few options too. These options are a sandwich, toast, sweet potatoes again, whey shake, chicken breast, and salad. Salad is the most frequent meal throughout the diet. 

The sandwich as a meal depends on the ingredients in this sandwich so it needs more specifications. Toast is not enough to be eaten on its own for lunch. It is low in calories and contains only carbs and no protein.

I previously talked about sweet potatoes and how they are not enough on their own. Whey shake is a protein source that is used for lunch. It is rich in protein, but not in carbs or fiber. Which is not a balanced meal on its own.

 The same thing applies to the chicken breast being a protein source of its own. Salads in general are too low in calories and not enough for any type of meal. For dinner, it is the same everyday rice, beans, and kimchi.


In this article, we discussed the “Ulzzang diet”.I included some of the food that is eaten for the meals, and analyze if they are enough as meals on their own or not.


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