What is the Target dog?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “What is the Target dog?” and provide information on the name of Target dogs, their history, some characteristics of these dogs, how Target trains these dogs, how to care as well as groom these dogs.

What is the Target dog?

The target dog is a bull terrier which is a mascot of Target. Target dog has been used in many Target ads and commercials over the years. The target dog has big red spheres around its eyes. 

It is short and has an egg-like head. It is a dog breed that originated in England and weighs approximately 50 to 70 pounds. Even though the dog is short it is particularly muscular.

What is the name of the Target dog?

The target dog’s name is Bull’s eye. Bull’s eye is used in multiple marketing campaigns and ads. Bull’s eye is a character that can be played only by a female dog. There are 6 Target dogs that can currently play the role of the Bull’s eye.

What is the history of Target dogs?

Target dogs were featured in a 1999 ad initially which made many people curious and eager to see the dog again. Target then started to feature the dog all over its ads (print and digital) as well as gift card designs.

There are many plushies of Target dogs available in Target stores. Dogs that have to step into the role of bull’s eye undergo training for 6 months. The paint used on top of Bull’s eye are vegetable paint which is not very toxic.

What are some characteristics of a Target dog?

Target dogs are generally friendly and affectionate. It is highly friendly and you can love to exercise or indulge in other physical activities. However, it might not get along well with other dogs.

How does Target train dogs?

Dogs in Target are trained to identify certain kinds of objects. It is taught to react to objects in a certain manner as well. 

After Target dogs elicit the required response, they are provided some treats so that they can repeat the certain behavior later on. Special coaches are appointed to train these dogs. 

Target dogs can be particularly stubborn. As a result, they can be rewarded with treats that can act as positive reinforcement. Training should feel more like a game than a training session.

Target dogs are made to socialize with a lot of people. This can help in boosting the confidence of these dogs. They can be very energetic around kids. As a result, they might have to be disciplined a bit.

How should Target dogs be cared for?

Target dogs (terriers) specifically need to indulge in at least 1-2 hours of exercise. This will prevent them from gaining weight.

Small games like fetch and play or puzzle toys can help keep them engaged both mentally and physically. If you have a terrier at home and wish to bring another pet home too, tie the terrier on a leash as some terriers might not be very friendly to other dogs. 

Apart from this, terriers have short coats. As a result, during the winter season, the duration of exercise can be reduced.

How to groom the Target dog?

Target dog fortunately does not require much maintenance. Make sure to brush them at least once a week. Use a soft brush to remove knots and smoothen their skin.

During winter or spring, shedding can frequently occur. As a result, you might need to brush more often. 

Give a bath to your dog. If your dog is particularly clean, you might need to bathe it only once a month. However, if your dog plays outdoors every day, it is better to regularly bathe them.

What foods can be given to Target dogs?

A nutritionally balanced diet has to be given to Target dogs. Water has to be available all the time to dogs. Calcium has to be regularly given to dogs. This can promote bone development. 

If you have terriers at home, give them 2 meals a day. This will prevent weight gain. Meet the vet to know more about the number of foods that have to be fed to Target dogs. 

Where can you buy terriers?

Terriers can be a popular breed that can be bought from animal shelters. You can adopt dogs from certain rescue groups as well. You can buy from a reputable breeder too. However, it can cost around 500-3500 dollars.


In this brief article, we have answered the question, “What is the Target dog?” and provided information on the name of Target dogs, their history, some characteristics of these dogs, how Target trains these dogs, how to care as well as groom these dogs.



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