What is the spice in star wars?

In this brief guide, we will answer the query, “What is the spice in star wars?”. We will also discuss the different spices found in star wars when it was mentioned in star wars at first, and if it was inspired by dune. 

Moreover, we will also talk about the spice in the world of dune and why it is dangerous.

What is the spice in star wars?

In star wars, spice refers to an illegal narcotic that is in high demand throughout the cosmos. It is highly valued by the underworld market. According to the wiki page for Starwars fandom, the spice was mined in the spice mines of Kessel, where slaves such as abducted Wookiees were worked to death to turn the mined therapeutic spice mineral into a recreational narcotic.

It is also said that spice mines were discovered in several other planetary systems throughout the galaxy, including Ryloth and Naboo.

What are the different spices found in star wars?

There are different spices mined in star wars ranging from the narcotic drug ryll to the glitterstim which is most often used for mind-altering. Ryll was mined on the planet Ryloth and was used for both scientific as well as several recreational purposes.

The sansanna spice, which is reddish-orange in hue and is highly sought after by criminals such as the Pyke Syndicate to trade and sell for profit, is the most prominent variety. Sansanna spice was found throughout the cosmos. Heavy users of the drug frequently have discolored fingers and faces.

When was spice first mentioned in star wars?

The spice was first mentioned in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, which was originally released as Star Wars. It is a 1977 film written and directed by George Lucas which takes place 19 years after the founding of the Galactic Empire and the events of Revenge of the Sith as the construction of the Death Star, a weapon capable of destroying a planet, has been completed. 

C-3PO’s concern to R2-D2 at the start of the original Star Wars was that “we’ll be taken to the Spice Mines of Kessel, blasted into who knows what!” It is the first installment of the original Star Wars trilogy and the first Star Wars film to be released.

Was the use of spice inspired by the Dune?

Yes, the use of spice in the star wars franchise was strongly inspired by the spice “melange” in the renowned science fiction novel, Dune by Frank Herbert. Furthermore, the influence of Dune’s desolate planet Arrakis can be seen in the desert world of Tatooine, which plays an important role in the Skywalker Saga. 

Similarly, moisture farmers like Luke Skywalker and his adopted parents, Owen and Beru Lars, deployed moisture vaporators to harvest water, which is a lot similar to the Arrakis’ wind trap facilities.

The novel already has two legendary cinematic adaptations by David Lynch and Denis Villeneuve, so it’s not a surprise that most people feel the similarities between dune and star wars. So, now that you know the reality, you can let your thoughts rest, many elements including the context of spice were in fact inspired by dune.

What is the spice in the world of the Dune?

Spice is a rusty-colored, powdery deposit that smells strongly of cinnamon in the universe of Dune. Although expensive, it is greatly sought because of its hallucinatory/psychic properties that allow you to travel in interstellar space. However, it can only be discovered on the planet Arrakis since it is secreted by the planet’s huge worms.

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Why is the spice in star wars dangerous?

Spice being a strong narcotic can be very dangerous despite its medicinal uses. The effects of some spice varieties are detailed in non-canon sources. Ryll spice, for example, is said to provide a morphine-like effect which can be highly addictive, even though it can be used medically as a pain reliever or anesthetic. 

Glitterstim spice is a powerful mind-altering stimulant that is capable of amplifying a person’s telepathic powers. This reference can be seen as Han Solo learned in Kevin J. Anderson’s Legends novel Jedi Search. Glitterstim addiction can also lead to anxiety, blindness, and neurological tremors. This may as well cause a seductively simple death as a result of an overdose.

Continuous use of these narcotics can result in addicts transitioning from casual users to dangerously needy. Their desires may reach new heights, so high that they are willing and ready to resort to violence to obtain them.


In this brief guide, we have answered the query, “What is the spice in star wars?”. We have also discussed the different spices found in star wars when it was mentioned in star wars at first, and if it was inspired by dune. 

Moreover, we have also talked about the spice in the world of dune and why it is dangerous.




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