What is the smoothie diet?

In this article, we are going to discuss “What is the smoothie diet?”. We will define the smoothie diet and the package it provides. In addition to that, I will add the advantages and disadvantages of the smoothie diet.

What is the smoothie diet?

The smoothie diet is a 3 weeks diet for weight loss purposes. The program, all-digital, promises quick results. The diet is created by  Head Coach Drew. The aim of the diet is to reduce sugar and fat intake. It also reduces calorie intake. 

The smoothie diet focuses on real natural food rather than processed harmful ones.  The diet is for 21 days including daily plans, detox, and a helpful guide. 

The package the smoothie diet provides contains a weight loss program to improve health for a 3 weeks span. This plan covers the whole duration of the smoothie diet plan. It includes smoothie recipe ideas to replace the usual solid meals you had. It includes 36 recipes of different smoothies with a shopping list of the ingredients of these smoothies.

The smoothie diet includes a detox plan for 3 days before starting the smoothie diet.  It includes a shopping list for each week of the diet. It includes a guide. The guide is helpful with tips to make smoothies. It also includes a quick guide on how to start with a list.

The package also includes a daily journal and a workout plan. It has an option for smoothies that are appropriate for diabetics, gluten intolerant, and kids. The diet is all-digital, meaning the package included is digital. This means you can start the diet immediately instead of waiting for an appointment for a diet or waiting to get an actual book.

What are the advantages of the smoothie diet?

The smoothie diet helps shed off the extra pound and fat. It will decrease your weight gradually by reducing the calories you have per day. Losing weight reduces the risks of chronic illnesses related to obesity such as heart disease and obesity. 

The diet is also natural using only natural healthy ingredients in the smoothies. It is beneficial for skin and nail health. The lists provided in the package make the diet so easy to follow. Everything is prepared for you. Meals are prepared and smoothie recipes are varied. 

The weight loss process and fat are quick to see. People want to see quick results, this diet makes you see a quick reduction in weight and fat in your body. The smoothie diet is a short-duration program. It only requires 3 weeks to see the weight loss change. 

What are the disadvantages of the smoothie diet?

The diet is rich only in carbs and low in fat and protein. Protein is needed for muscle maintenance, not enough protein would lead to muscle loss.

It is costly. On top of paying for the package on the website(47$), you have to take into consideration the ingredients you are buying. Fruits and vegetables are not as cheap, and are even more expensive if you are going for an organic option.

If meals are not replaced by liquids, you are more likely to gain the weight back after the program ends. It might cause the development of unhealthy food relationships, especially solid food. Digestive issues and stones would develop if the diet is followed for months. 

Your energy levels would be low because of the low calories provided by the diet. You would feel fatigued, nauseous, dizzy, and have headaches and diarrhea. 

The diet might cause some nutrient deficiencies if followed for 3 weeks.  A major deficiency would be protein deficiency. The diet does not contain protein, this will lead to loss of muscle mass when the body does not take the essential amino acids from food.

The smoothie diet is low in fiber too, transforming solid food into liquid would strip away a lot of the fiber content in them.  A study published in The Prevention Nutrition and Food Science Journal showed how food when blended would have much lower fiber content in them.

The smoothie diet is strict in terms of rules and food included. The way people’s bodies react to different diets is not taken into consideration. It is rather a one diet fits all, not a customized diet.


In this article, we discussed “the smoothie diet reviews”. I defined the smoothie diet and the package it provides. In addition to that, I l added advantages and disadvantages of the smoothie diet.


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