What is the Oatmeal and Egg diet?

In this article, we are going to discuss “What is the Oatmeal and Egg diet?”. I will also discuss the sample diet of oatmeal and egg diet with the calories it provides, and the cons of following the oatmeal and egg diet.

What is the Oatmeal and Egg diet?

The diet contains eggs and oatmeal, with some fruit and vegetables with it. It includes nuts in the oatmeal and green tea to provide energy.

The oatmeal and egg diet is a diet that contains 900 calories only.  It is not a customizable diet, which means it follows the same plan for anyone following the diet. This diet is not appropriate for those with medical health conditions, and you should consult your certified health care professional before attempting any form of dieting.

The diet reacts differently to different body types. It is a fulfilling diet in terms of protein and fiber content it has. Eggs are rich in protein, high-value animal protein. Oatmeal is rich in carbs and fibers. Fiber promotes satisfaction and a feeling of fullness.

What is a  sample diet for the oatmeal and eggs diet?

The oatmeal and egg diet is divided between breakfast and dinner, with snacking all day. For breakfast, it includes eggs, a fruit like an apple, and green tea to promote satisfaction. 3 eggs are cooked in a way that makes them foamy. The breakfast calories are under 400 calories in total minus the snacks. 

The snacks are usually light with limited options. The snack options are an apple and green tea. Green tea has zero calories in them, so the snack contains the same amount of calories as the apple which is almost 100 calories depending on the size of the apple.

Green tea is beneficial, it contains caffeine which stimulates the brain. The caffeine content in green tea is less than that in coffee. 

For dinner, you have oatmeal and add to it a few food options such as cucumbers, carrots, seeds, and nuts such as almonds. This makes the dinner contain almost 300 calories.  Cucumbers and carrots are low in calories. Nuts and seeds provide omega 3 fatty acids. 

This makes the two meals about 700 calories only. The snacks add 200 more calories to them. The oatmeal and egg diet is considered a low-calorie diet for its total calories per day is less than 1000 calories.  

What are the cons of the oatmeal and eggs diet?

The oatmeal and eggs diet is not a customizable diet. This means that the diet does not address the difference in each and every person. Every person has a different body, and genes and they react to food and diets in a different way. What might work for one person, might not work for another. 

The oatmeal diet is a diet of extremely low calories. This calorie deficit diet will not provide the essential nutrients the body needs like vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. It only picks a few fruit and vegetable options. 

This limits your vitamin intake majorly. It also eliminates all meat products except for eggs. Despite eggs containing iron, it is not enough to provide iron as much as the body needs. Dairy products are not present as well which reduces the calcium intake majorly. 

This will lead to a deficiency in calcium, and your body would take the needed calcium for normal body functions from bones. This leads to a decrease in bone mass density as well as, an increased risk of fractures.

The diet will make you feel hungrier because of the low calorie the diet provides. When you are no longer following such a diet, you are more likely to gain weight back quickly. Quick weight loss and weight gain are not good for your body. It is known as the yo-yo diet. 

This diet also might affect your relationship with food. As it limits some food and eliminates some food groups, it categorizes food into good versus bad. No natural food is bad, rather processed unnatural food is the food you should limit and avoid. It is better to follow a balanced diet with a variety of food products from all food groups.


In this article, we discussed “The Oatmeal and Egg diet”. I also discussed the sample diet of oatmeal and egg diet with the calories it provides, and the cons of following the oatmeal and egg diet.


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