What is the noom diet?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “What is the Noom diet?” and provide information on what the Noom app recommends to eat, whether it is effective, the risks associated with them, how Noom works as well as its cost.

What is the Noom diet?

The Noom diet is a weight loss diet that supposedly helps individuals to lose weight. The Noom diet is provided by the Noom company through the Noom app. They provide their clients with a health coach to help their clients manage weight.

Noom is an app that tracks a person’s weight loss journey. There is a traffic light system present in Noom which can help people check calories in foods.

You might need to purchase a subscription plan for this purpose and answer questions present on the Noom app if you wish to obtain a personalized plan. The algorithm will then design a weight loss plan that can be beneficial for the client. 

Once an individual logs into their account, they would be provided a health coach. The health coach will give them advice on how to achieve weight loss.

What does the Noom app recommend to eat?

Noom app recommends eating plenty of protein and carbs. They promote eating natural and healthy foods to help lose weight.

According to them, an individual’s diet should consist of many carbs, fats, and protein. Vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals should also be consumed by the individual. Apart from this, they have to focus on eating good fats.

Noom app recommends consuming some superfoods like flaxseeds, chia seeds, quinoa, spinach, and sweet potatoes. Another suggestion is to track food daily using a weight loss app. They also ask their clients to consume breakfast daily and to exercise regularly.

Foods high in protein like lean meat, legumes, and low-fat milk products also have to be consumed but they have to be eaten in moderation. Processed foods and red meat should not be eaten. 

Is the Noom diet effective?

It was noted that individuals who frequently logged into their account and recorded their weight, dietary habits, as well as activity levels, were seen to lose weight.

However, individuals can quickly become demotivated over time. To prevent this from happening, the Noom app regularly sends its clients some nutrition-based articles and they can consult a health coach too.

What are some risks associated with using the Noom diet?

A possible drawback associated with the Noom app is that it only allows individuals to record their caloric intake. There is no possible information on vitamins and minerals. A balanced diet has to include appropriate macronutrient and micronutrient intake.

As a result, the Noom app might not be recommended by health professionals. Certain Noom coaches may not have proper certification from a proper health agency. Proper certification is required so that patients can receive appropriate information on food habits and nutrition.

Apart from this, individuals suffering from medical issues like diabetes or blood pressure are recommended to seek advice from certified professionals like doctors or dieticians instead.

What questions does the Noom app ask?

The Noom app may ask you several questions to provide you with a personalized diet plan. The first few questions can be related to your age, gender, weight, height, and whether you have any preexisting medical conditions.

The next question will be focused on behaviors and certain habits of the individual which can make weight loss difficult. For instance, drinking alcohol or smoking can come under this category.

The remaining questions would be focused on nutrition and activity levels. Dietary recalls of the patients can be taken.

How does Noom work?

Noom has a 16-week program. This 16-week program has a proper format. There can be a few articles on health, exercise, wellness, and nutrition that can be sent to the patient.

A few interactive challenges are provided a day. Apart from this, daily caloric tracking, exercise logging, and food logging are present. Individuals have to insert their present weight after the weekends. 

Individuals can also chat with health coaches in case of any doubts. They can also discuss weight loss with virtual groups too.

What is the cost of the Noom app?

A monthly subscription can cost 66.35 dollars. An annual subscription costs 796 dollars. A 6-month subscription can be around 398 dollars. If you sign up for a month or more, you get a higher discount.

Individuals can cancel their subscriptions whenever they feel like doing so. They can cancel their subscriptions through the Noom app or by logging into their account.


In this brief article, we have answered the question, “What is the Noom diet?” and provided information on what the Noom app recommends to eat, whether it is effective, the risks associated with them, how Noom works as well as its cost.



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