What is the meaning of the technique Eat the frog?

In this guide we will answer the question “What is the meaning of the technique ‘Eat the frog’?”. We will as well discuss the importance of the technique and explain the types of people that can benefit from the technique.

What is the meaning of the technique ‘Eat the frog’?

Eat the frog is a technique that was developed by Brian Tracy. It is a task management technique that focuses on prioritization and it means that you should first identify the most important and arduous (difficult) task (the frog) and first complete it & after that you can do other tasks.

Simply put, ‘eat the frog’ is the process of identifying the most difficult task you have at hand in a day and focusing on it to completion before you embark on any other tasks for the day. 

Why is ‘eating the frog’ important?

Eating the frog is a very important technique and can assist people in getting things done. Some of its advantages are:

It enables you complete tasks early and on time

This is because ‘eat the frog’ strategy first places focus on completing one important task for the day. After you have completed the most complex and important task, then you have the remainder of the day to complete other small tasks that are on your list.

The advantage of this is after you have gotten rid of the most complex task of the day, you do not dread the small little  tasks ahead of you and it also gives you the intrinsic motivation you need to get other tasks done during the remainder of the day.

It promotes focus and critical thinking

The ‘eating of the frog’ technique encourages extreme focusing. It does this by pushing you to filter through your lists of tasks and choose the most difficult task of the day and you get to focus on that first thing in the morning.

As a result you do not slack off or give in to some unmeaningful activities which waste time such as checking and replying to emails, attending meetings that don’t add value. It encourages you to minimize multitasking so that you entirely focus on the most important task ‘the frog’ and you can come back to other tasks in the rest of the day.

It makes use of your most productive and efficient hours

Most people’s brains are usually at peak in the morning as they are fresh and have rested enough. It is this time that you are most productive because you are yet to be stressed by the day. It is thus the best time to work on your most complex and difficult tasks of the day.

In this way, you do not have to dread working on complex tasks when you are already worn out and tired at the end of the day.

Which type of people can benefit from ‘Eat The Frog’ Technique?

Eating the Frog technique can efficiently be used by a variety of people who can benefit from it and be more successful and efficiently prioritize and manage tasks. Some types of people who can benefit from it are:

People who find it hard to identify the most important work

Most people usually find difficulties in identifying the frog of the day. The frog is simply the most important task of the day; it could be a task that is very urgent or is long overdue amongst others. This strategy comes in handy for people unable to identify the most important task as they can now do that and actually solve and complete it.

People who delay their tasks

This technique can also be used by people who are notorious procrastinators. Most people usually keep pushing over important tasks to some other time and at the end, delay even very important tasks. 

This technique can be used by procrastinators and people that struggle with laziness so that they can complete the most important tasks first.

People who struggle with being productive

Some people are unable to prioritize their tasks, if they do not do the most important tasks they feel unmotivated and defeated and end up not doing other tasks and therefore their productivity reduces. 

Eating the frog can be implemented by such people to boost their productivity and enable them to reach their goals.


In this guide we have answered the question what the technique of eating the frog means. We have as well discussed the importance of the technique and explained the types of people that can benefit from the technique.



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