What is the legal drinking age in Puerto rico?

In this brief article we will address the query,”What is the legal drinking age in Puerto Rico?” We will explain the national drink in Puerto Rico. We will answer if Pina Colada originated from Puerto Rico. We will also briefly discuss the Pitorro drink in Puerto Rico.

What is the legal drinking age in Puerto Rico?

The legal drinking age in Puerto Rico is eighteen years. The drinking culture in Puerto Rico is generally more relaxed and not as strict as the US and other countries.

18 is the legal age requirement for buying and consuming any alcoholic beverages. In most bars, nightclubs and restaurants, proof of age is usually required and requested so always ensure you have your ID with you when going out.

You should also ensure that you do not have with you any open bottles or cans of alcohol in your car or carry them to a public area that is restricted for alcohol consumption. If the police catch you, they can fine you on the spot. Drinking under the influence of alcohol is a serious crime in Puerto Rico so do not even think about it.

What is the national drink in Puerto Rico?

The national drink in Puerto Rico is rum. In fact Puerto Rico is the world’s largest rum producer with 80 percent of the rum consumed in the US coming from the island. 

The Cathedral of Rum in Cataño, is the biggest producer of rum in the world. The Bacardi 

You can buy rum in Puerto Rico in almost any shade and it is indeed one of the most fascinating things about the island. To witness the production of rum on the island you can pay a visit to the Bacardi factory and the Ron Barrilito factory.

Did Pina Colada originate from Puerto Rico?

Yes, the beloved Pina colada was invented in Puerto Rico. Pina Colada is a cocktail that is made using rum, coconut cream or coconut milk and some pineapple juice, it can be served in blended form or shaken with ice.

It was founded in Puerto Rico with the only vagueness being whether it was the Caribe Hilton or Barrachina Restaurant. All in all, it came from San Juan before spreading like wildfire to the rest of the world.

What is Puerto Rico’s Pitorro?

Pitorro is a version of uncured rum made in Puerto Rico, it is the Puerto Rico form of moonshine. Moonshine is a term used to refer to any activities that are not legal and are carried out at night.

In the early 20th century, during prohibition in the United States, the term was adopted to refer to illegal spirits that were made at late night so as to avoid the legal authorities. A lot of countries have their own versions of moonshine and in Puerto Rico it is pitorro

Pitorro is also known as “lagrima de montaña”  which means  tears of the mountain  or “ron cañita” – which translates to sugar cane. Pitorro dates back to centuries ago when the sugarcane industry was thriving in Puerto Rico and while that time is long gone it has maintained its popularity mostly among the locals to the present day.

One of the advantages of pitorro and its distinct feature is that it can be produced using any flavor as an alcohol base. There is a wide range of fruits that are available in Puerto Rico and they make good options to use. 

To produce this drink, slices of fruit or any chosen ingredient is added to the alcohol and this then develops in the dark most of the time being underground until the producer decides the drink is ready.

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In this brief article we have addressed the query,”What is the legal drinking age in Puerto Rico?” We have explained the national drink in Puerto Rico. We have answered if Pina Colada originated from Puerto Rico. We have also briefly discussed the Pitorro drink in Puerto Rico.



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