What is the Leangains diet?

In this article, we are going to discuss the “Leangains diet”. I will discuss the Leangains diet, the definition, and the process that occurs while fasting known as ketosis. I will include the exercise, the macros recycling on the Leangains diet, and things that the diet teaches you.

What is the Leangains diet?

The Leangains diet is a term for intermittent fasting, it has another name 16/8. The fasting occurs for 16 hours, and the food intake is over 8 hours. The calorie intake is only limited to 8 hours per day. 

The long-term fasting periods cause your body to use your stored glucose stores. The stored form of glucose is called glycogen and it is stored in the liver. After a while, the glycogen is depleted and the body uses other sources of energy. 

The liver starts forming ketone bodies from fat and uses it for energy. The process is similar to the keto diet. Since the diet is high in fat and low in carbs causes the bone to form the ketone body and use it for energy. 

The diet provides 3 meals per day, rather than smaller frequent ones. Due to the limited time you eat, it is much more challenging to add more frequent meals. So for the feasibility factor of it, it is better to include only 3 big meals on the Leangains diet. 


The Leangains diet also recommends physical activity. The duration of exercise is an hour for at least 4 days a week. The exercise type recommended is related to muscle strengthening exercises. 

The meal is divided over a course of time, it starts with exercises, then followed by the meals. The time between the first meal and the second is  3 hours, and between the second and last meal is 5 hours. 

Fasting periods requirements 

The fasting period that extends over 16 hours does not include any food intake, yet liquids are allowed during this stage only if it contains no sugar intake. You can enjoy tea, coffee, and beverages that contain sweeteners. Keep your calories under 10 calories during fasting periods. 

This is crucial to stay in the state of ketosis. You need to let your body use the stored glycogen as energy until your glycogen stores in your body are depleted. 

If energy is provided during the fasting period, then the body no longer uses the glycogen stores and depletes them. Thus ketosis does not happen, and ketone bodies are not produced in the liver. 

What are the macros cycling during the Leangains diet?

Macronutrients are recycled throughout the week. Macronutrients include carbs, protein, and fat in your food. During exercise days or periods, the body needs the energy to carry out an exercise session. 

That is why the type of macronutrient you need to choose is crucial for exercise. Choosing more carbs on days when you have to exercise, translates to higher calories. These days require more energy to provide for extra movement. 

On the other hand, on the days when you do not have to exercise, fewer calories, fewer carbs, and less fat are needed. It is about the balance of nutrients. 

What is something that the Leangain diet teaches?

The diet teaches adherence and commitment to the diet. It shows that you can actually adhere to it, and apply it in your day. The diet is actually applicable to your daily life. Usually, a working day is about 8 hours on average, the diet can fit in this schedule. 

It helps stop the late-night snacking which adds up more to your calorie count. It also helps you lose weight due to the adherence to the 3 meals a day. This would make sense due to the calorie reduction that it contains, which gradually reduces weight.

Fasting increases metabolism as well, as short and long periods of fasting.  Metabolism is the process of the use of food for energy, the higher the metabolism rate is. The higher the metabolism rate is, the more energy you will burn. This will gradually make you lose weight. 


In this article, we discussed the “Leangains diet”. I discussed the Leangains diet, the definition, and the process that occurs while fasting known as ketosis. I included the exercise, the macros recycling on the Leangains diet, and things that the diet teaches you.


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