What is the Jordan Peterson’s meat diet?

In this article, we are going to discuss the “Jordan Peterson meat diet”. I will discuss the results that were seen after Jordan Peterson went on the meat diet, as well as some disadvantages of following the meat diet.

What is the Jordan Peterson’s meat diet?

Jordan Peterson is a Canadian clinical psychologist. He adapted a meat diet known as a carnivore diet. The diet includes only meat products from protein food groups. Other food groups are eliminated from the diet. 

Fruits and vegetable food groups are eliminated from the diet. The carbs food group is also eliminated from the diet. The diet originated after Peterson’s daughter suffered from many health issues. 

Some of these issues include rheumatoid arthritis, bipolar disorder, insomnia, psoriasis, and Lyme disease, she tried following the meat diet. The results she had after following the diet reduced her many health issues.

This made Jordan Peterson follow the diet and try it out himself. After he saw the results it had on his daughter. 

Early humans used to hunt and eat. They used to eat animal products mostly. This was the claim and the origin of our mental development. 

Humans reached a level of development to allow them to use weapons to hunt. Our body needs fatty meat to sustain muscle health. It also provides the fat that can be stored for later use when food can not be found.

Improves satiety and hunger

Jordan Peterson mentioned how the meat diet reduced his appetite, he was no longer as hungry as before. This is due to the fact that meat contains a lot of fat content. Fat induces satiety and satisfaction. 

It is due to the fact that fat in the diet induces signals that reduce hunger. By reducing hunger, you tend to eat less and gradually lose weight. Peterson lost 50 pounds on the meat.

Blood sugar regulation 

The meat followed by Jordan Peterson reduced his blood sugar immensely. If we take a look at the diet, we will see it only includes protein and fat in its essence. Meat contains both protein and fat in it. 

So the diet is missing a major macronutrient which is carbohydrates. Carbs are the ones that increase your blood sugar. The increase in blood sugar leads to insulin release to let glucose into your cells to be used for energy. Excess glucose is used for storage. 

So that is why the blood sugar was reduced. No carbs consumption means no high blood glucose levels. In addition to that, so many carbs sources contain high glycemic index food. These foods spike your blood sugar immensely. So limiting this food will not spike your blood sugar.

Better gum health

The meat diet also caused a reduction in the gum diseases Peterson had. Gum health is associated with three nutrients, two of which you can get from animal sources. Vitamin C, vitamin B12, and omega-3 fatty acids.

The meat diet does not provide any vitamin C content in it. Vitamin C is present in fruits and vegetables. Vitamin B12 is one of the vitamins that are rich in meat products. Vitamin B12 deficiency causes bleeding gums. 

Thus it can be explained why Peterson had improved gum disease due to the nutrients meat provides. Also, consumption of omega-3 fatty acids reduced inflammation of the gums. It can be found in fish products. 

What are some disadvantages of the Jordan Peterson diet?

The meat diet is high in saturated fat content. Saturated fat has been linked with heart diseases. Saturated fat should be limited to less than 10% of your calories per day. 

Eating meat as well increases your risk of getting gout. Goit happens when there is a build in uric acid crystals. They build up in joints and cause immense pain.  

Meat is rich in uric acid, and this should be reduced if a person is at risk of gout. This makes the diet highly not recommended for these types of people.

The diet is also low in major nutrients. Due to the low fiber in it, it causes constipation. It also does not provide vitamin C since it eliminates fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C is needed for the support of a healthy immune system. 


In this article, we discussed the “Jordan Peterson meat diet”.I discussed the results that were seen after Jordan Peterson went on the meat diet, as well as some disadvantages of following the meat diet.


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