What is the healthiest way to eat eggs?

In this brief guide, we will discuss the following question, “what is the healthiest way to eat eggs?”  and other queries related to this topic.

What is the healthiest way to eat eggs? 

Boiled and poached eggs are one of the healthiest ways to eat eggs whether they are hard or soft-boiled. While boiling or poaching eggs you only need to add water to cook them, so no need to add oil or butter, or any other fat for cooking.

Moreover, this way you reduce the exposure of the egg yolk to the heat thus nutrients will be preserved and cholesterol will not be oxidized due to the heat and the air exposure. Food oxidation is harmful to health because it leads to heart problems and diseases.

In addition, poached eggs can preserve the nutrients inside them more than boiled eggs because it does not require a lot of time in the water to be cooked. However, undercooked eggs might expose you to food poisoning due to a bacteria called Salmonella that is present in eggs.

Furthermore, the more the egg is exposed to heat the more the chance of losing its important components, minerals, and vitamins. Do not avoid egg yolk because it is high in lipid-soluble vitamins that are essential for good body functioning.

Eggs are a very good addition to your diet since they are rich in high-biological value proteins as well as many vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin D, A, E, K, magnesium, and zinc. The egg yolk is the part of the egg that is rich in cholesterol. However, cholesterol in food does not affect health.

Nevertheless, to increase the benefits of eggs for your health you can choose the healthier method, the one that does not require the addition of any oil or fat. Also, try to add to your eggs some vegetables like spinach, tomatoes, parsley, onions, or any other vegetable of your choice. 

Vegetables are high in fiber and low in calories, so they are a good addition to your eggs or as a salad next to your cooked eggs. Additionally, be attentive to the cooking temperature. Each type of oil can support a specific temperature. For example, extra-virgin olive oil can support low heat.

However, avocado and sunflower oils can support high temperatures without being oxidized and losing their health benefits. Heating can deteriorate the quality of the oil by destructing the lipid-soluble vitamins in the oil, thus reducing their beneficial effects.

What are the different ways to cook an egg?

There are many different ways to cook eggs and this depends on how you like to prepare and eat them. One of the methods is by boiling the eggs. All you need to do is place your eggs in a pot of water and keep them in the boiling water for a maximum of ten minutes.

However, it all depends on how you like your eggs to be. The more you keep your eggs in the water the more you get a hard-boiled egg yolk. If you like the egg yolk to be runny, boil the egg for only six minutes. Remove your eggs from boiling water, remove the shell and serve them.

Moreover, one of the methods to cook your eggs is poaching. This method is very similar to boiling but here you should crack the egg in a pot of hot water. So, first, bring the water to a boil then simmer the water and add the cracked egg and keep it for two to three minutes. 

In addition, fried eggs are one of the most common methods to cook your eggs. To do it, put some fat like oil or butter in a pan and let it heat. Next, crack the eggs into the pan. Here it depends on your preference, whether you do scrambled eggs or sunny eggs.

Furthermore, you can bake the eggs, especially when making quiche where you can add to it the ingredients you prefer according to the recipe you follow. Also, you can make an omelet, which is beaten eggs with the addition of some types of vegetables.

So, cooking the eggs is very beneficial to increasing the bioavailability of the proteins, because studies have found that the body can absorb proteins in the egg white better than those in the raw eggs. In addition, cooking will increase the availability of a vitamin called biotin or vitamin H.

This vitamin is beneficial for several functions in the body such as supporting the metabolism and enhancing the quality of your skin, hair, and nails. When the egg white is raw, a compound called avidin reduces the absorption of the biotin or vitamin H.


In this brief guide, we discussed the following question, “what is the healthiest way to eat eggs?” and other queries related to this topic.



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