What is the Ensure diet?

In this article, we are going to discuss the “Ensure diet”. I will include the ingredients in Ensure, vitamins, minerals, and the role they have on the body. I will also answer if Ensure causes weight loss and the benefits Ensure provides.

What is the Ensure diet?

Ensure diet is a diet that includes a shake produced in 1073 by Abbott. Ensure is a drink that replaces meals and is used to supplement people who are malnourished. The supplement can be given to patients who are malnourished or underweight, to increase their calories. 

 Ensure a range of 13 types of supplement shakes. The highest calorie-dense one includes 350 calories, while the lowest one is as low as 70 calories. The different types differ in terms of protein content, vitamins, minerals, fiber, calories, and arginine. 

Different formulas support pre and post-surgery, nutritional value,  lighter options, and plant proteins for vegans. 

Ingredients in Ensure diet

Ensure includes nutritious ingredients, especially protein. The drink is rich in high-quality protein. 

This means that it includes essential amino acids that the body can not produce on its own. The protein source is derived from two sources: milk, and soy. It contains 9 essential amino acids that are needed for muscle growth. 

It also includes a blend of vitamins and minerals that is needed for normal body function. It contains 9 B vitamins, antioxidants (vitamin E, Vitamin C, and sodium selenate), calcium, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin K, and minerals.

Antioxidants help fight off free radicals that cause cell aging. Calcium and vitamin D among other nutrients help support bones keeping their density normal. Thus reducing the risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures.

Does Ensure cause weight loss?

The shake Ensure is not used for weight loss according to the company. Yet it can be used to replace some meals generally. On its own having an Ensure-only diet exclusively is not enough. It does provide protein, vitamins, and minerals, but it does not provide other food groups. 

Vegetables are not included in these shakes, nor are fruits. These two food groups are rich in fiber which is needed for healthy bowel health. Ensure does include vitamin C in its content. 

The drink does not provide enough carbs as well. Carbs are needed for energy. Since our body’s main source of energy is carbs, then you should include carbs to give you energy throughout the day.

Ensure shake alone should not be used for a diet without including other food groups in your diet. Your diet should be balanced. 

Some side effects of Ensure

Ensure might not be tolerated by everyone, it might cause some gastrointestinal symptoms. It might cause diarrhea and gas due to the presence of sucralose.

What are the benefits of Ensure?

Ensure the shake provides a high content of protein in the drink.  It is high in protein which helps support healthy muscles. It can also be used with patients who are recovering from an injury. 

This is due to the fact that it can help provide the essential amino acid needed to heal the muscles. Protein has a role in healing injured tissues, that is why a nutritious balanced diet is crucial in patients suffering from injuries.

Ensure the shake provides a variety of vitamins and minerals. These are essential for general health and function. The shake provides vitamins that are not taken enough by people following a diet. 

People who do not eat enough protein or are vegan especially have a hard time getting B vitamins to meet their daily needs. Ensure can be incorporated into their daily diet to provide these essential vitamins. It also includes calcium and vitamin D, both of which are essential for bone health. 

Ensure shakes provide a variety of choices to pick. It addresses people with surgeries that need nutritious support to boost their immune systems. It also includes a post-surgery option to support tissue repair after surgery. 

It includes an option that is specifically for muscle building. It also includes vegans and lactose intolerant people, who can not tolerate lactose, by providing a plant-based protein option to them.


In this article, we discussed the “Ensure diet”.I included the ingredients in Ensure, vitamins, minerals, and the role they have on the body. I also answered if Ensure causes weight loss, and the benefits Ensure provides 


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