What is the difference between Aubergine and Eggplant? 

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “What is the difference between Aubergine and Eggplant?” and provide information on what are Eggplants, and how to bake, saute as well as grill Aubergine.

What is the difference between Aubergine and Eggplant? 

The difference between Aubergine and Eggplant is that Aubergine is a French term used to refer to Eggplant. 

Usually, this term is used in Europe whereas in some other areas except for South Asia, Aubergine is called Eggplant. In South Asia, Eggplant is called brinjal.

Initially, Aubergines that arrived in America were white in color. As a result, they started to be referred to as Eggplants.

What exactly are Eggplants or Aubergines?

Eggplants or Aubergines are vegetables that normally come with a purple exterior. Aubergines come in other colors as well. 

Chinese Eggplants are fully purple. However, European Eggplants have a slightly dark brown tinge on the bottom. It can also come in light purple and neon color.

The interior of an Aubergine is filled with seeds. Aubergines have a green stalk. Its flesh can have a spongy texture.

How to bake Aubergine?

Initially, you would need to wash the Aubergine thoroughly before it is cooked. Some Aubergine peels can be too firm and difficult to peel with bare hands. In such cases, a vegetable peeler can come in handy.

Young Aubergine is easier to peel, cook, and eat. Make sure to cut the green section (stem part) of the Aubergine before cooking.

However, if you are planning to bake the Aubergine, it would be better to keep the peel on. After washing and removing the unnecessary parts, cut the Aubergine as per your recipe.

You can split them into two by cutting them through the center. You can also chop, dice, or cube them.

Once that has been done, add salt to the parts of Aubergine. This is because Aubergine carries a certain amount of bitterness which can be balanced by the salt.

If you wish to bake the Aubergine in the oven, preheat the oven to a temperature of 230 degrees Celsius. Line the baking tray with foil.

Place the Aubergine pieces into the baking pan and allow them to bake for a few minutes. You can also brush them along with seasoning or olive oil.

Bake for 20 minutes. Some parts of the Aubergine can end up being overcooked. In such cases, you can stir the Aubergine pieces after 10 minutes and then allow them to bake.

Should Aubergine be sauted?

Yes, Aubergine can be sauted. For this purpose, heat oil in a pan over heat. Do not add too much oil to cook Aubergine as it can end up being soggy.

Once the oil has been added, throw the Aubergine pieces into the pan. You can also coat the Aubergine with breadcrumbs if you want them to be crispy.

Cook the Aubergine slices till they become brown in color. Once it has turned brown, flip them over to allow the other side to be cooked. Do not allow them to blacken.

Once these slices have been cooked, transfer them onto a plate that contains tissue paper or brown paper. They will absorb excess oil.

Can you grill Aubergine?

Yes, you can grill Aubergine too. Clean the grill and take some vegetable oil on paper. Rub the paper over the grill so that the foods do not stick to the grill.

Cut the Aubergine lengthwise. Brush them with butter. Season them with salt, pepper, and herbs. You can also cut the Aubergine into two halves and then grill them as it is.

You can also prepare your desired marinade and place the Aubergine over them to bring about a yummy flavor.

Place foil over the grill or keep the Eggplants directly over the grill. If you have kept a foil over the grill, make sure to pierce some holes in them so that the heat distribution occurs evenly.

Grill the Aubergines for a period of 8 minutes. If you are grilling the Aubergines over a gas grill, it would be essential to cover them and then cook.

Can you boil Eggplants?

Yes, you can boil them too. Cut the Eggplants into small pieces and then add them to a pot of boiling water. Cook them for 10 minutes. You can use a fork to determine the doneness of the Eggplants.

Where can you add Eggplants?

Eggplants can be added to stews, gravies, and soups. It can be added to salads and sauces too. Some consume them as an appetizer.


In this brief article, we have answered the question, “What is the difference between Aubergine and Eggplant?” and provided information on what are Eggplants, and how to bake, saute as well as grill Aubergine.



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