What is the Diet for calisthenics?

In this article, we are going to discuss the “Diet for calisthenics”. I will include the diet and its benefits. I will also analyze the principles of the calisthenics diet that is followed.

What is the Diet for calisthenics?

A calisthenics diet is a diet that is used to increase the strength of your body. It is used to increase lean body mass. This helps people recover from injury. It helps promote muscle gaining and regulates your appetite. 

The diet aims to lose weight and provide energy to support physical activity.  The diet focuses on protein and reduces carbs and fat on your diet. The diet does not eliminate a certain type of food group and includes healthy food choices. 

You can either take protein from an animal source or from supplementary protein shakes. The diet eliminates all food sources that include white sugar, white flour, and white rice. This reduces the carbs intake in the diet from the simple carbs. 

These types of carbs are high glycemic food that would spike your blood sugar quickly and would cause the release of insulin. 

The release of insulin would be increased quickly and is not good having high insulin levels for a long time, this will reduce insulin sensitivity. This will increase the risk of diabetes in the long run.

The diet consists of 3 meals and 2 snacks per day. The two snacks consist of one after a workout, and the other one after dinner. Breakfast contains a source of protein like eggs. Lunch consists of a source of protein and carbs. 

For snacks, it includes high-energy snacks like a protein bar or avocado that are rich in vitamins and nutrients. Dinner includes a source of animal protein from fish with nuts.

The diet plan is healthy and balanced. It provides the essential vitamins and minerals needed for the body. It also provides the essential protein needed for the building and repairing of muscle especially when you are exercising. 

Principles of the calisthenics diet

The diet focuses on food choices. Picking healthy food that includes whole grains and fibers. This helps aid digestion and promotes healthy bowel movements. 

Focus on food that is natural rather than professed. Some of these foods include fatty fish and seafood, nuts, and olive oil. Fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Olive oil contains healthy fat and is beneficial for heart health. 

The diet limits sugary food intake, it allows the cut down of the sugar from the diet. Thus reducing the harmful effects that sugar carries. It reduces sugar addiction and inflammation in the body. 

By cutting down on sugar you will reduce your calories too, so you will lose weight gradually. Junk food such as fast food and fries are cut down, in addition to sweetened beverages and candies. It is replaced with fruits and vegetables.

The diet focuses on the importance of protein. It is essential in the muscle-building and repairing process. It is needed more when a person is exercising and losing weight.

 Eating enough protein is essential for the prevention of losing muscle mass with dieting. Include meat, eggs, cheese, yogurt, chickpeas, beans, lentils, nuts, and seeds. 

Water I also focused on during the diet. It is crucial for the hydration of the body and it is especially needed to accommodate for the water lost during the workout.

Another principle is to include something you enjoy with your meals. This will make you feel more free while on the diet without depriving yourself so much. 

 Yet the food to be consumed, even if it is junk food, should be done in moderation. Some choices you can pick are to go for food with minimum sugar content. And only 10% of the food should only be junk.

The diet focuses on exercise, which has so many health benefits for the body. It helps you lose weight, and gain muscle mass while following a diet especially.

 It helps preserve your muscle mass. It reduces the risk of developing many conditions like diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. It also lowers blood pressure and blood sugar as well. 


In this article, we discussed the “Diet for calisthenics”.I included the diet and its benefits. I also analyzed the principles of the calisthenics diet that is followed.


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