What is the Chicken broccoli diet?

In this article, we are going to discuss the “Chicken broccoli diet”. I will discuss a sample diet plan with the calories of the chicken broccoli diet, and the disadvantages of following that diet.

What is the Chicken broccoli diet?

The chicken and broccoli diet is a diet that contains, as the name reveals, only chicken and broccoli. The diet lasts between 10 to 14 days. A short-term diet that helps with weight loss, and without much exercise with it.  

The diet only includes two food groups, protein from chicken, and vegetables from broccoli. Other food groups are omitted like carbs, fruits, and fat. The diet does provide the protein needed to maintain your muscle mass and prevent muscle loss. Vegetables provide the fiber that is needed for your bowel health. 

The weight loss that is initially noticed is due to water loss. Gradually the weight loss switches to fat since it is used for energy instead of carbs. The consumption of the chicken broccoli diet has similar effects to the keto diet. 

The keto diet is a diet high in fat, and low in carbs. It limits the carbs intake from 5 % to 10%. The limitation in carbs gradually drains the glycogen stores of the body.

 This leads to the production of ketone bodies from fat digestion which is used for energy. This switch in energy intake from carbs to fat will gradually lead to weight loss. 

Both foods that are on the chicken and broccoli diet are keto friendly. That’s why it might have some similarities to the famous keto diet. Some variations can be applied to the chicken and broccoli diet.

The variation is the way the food is cooked. The chicken can be either boiled, fried, or roasted. The variation in the way chicken is cooked varies with the taste of the diet, since it is repetitive food. Frying the chicken would increase the fat content from the oil used or if butter is added too.

It is, however, not recommended to change the way broccoli is cooked. By boiling the broccoli, you would be reducing the vitamin and nutrient content in them, especially vitamin C. It is best to stir-fry or saute it, or even steam it to preserve as many nutrients as you can.

Another variety to the diet includes making a soup with these two ingredients. You can drink tea, and add some vegetable variety, but sugar or processed food is avoided.

What does a sample chicken broccoli diet look like?

Usually, the diet varies with 5 menus over a course of 10 days. Day 1 and 2 would include broccoli with wheat bread limited to 50 grams and a cup of unsweetened black tea. 

The bread provides 150  calories and the broccoli provides almost 70 calories. This gives a total of  220 calories for breakfast. There is no protein source for breakfast, only carbs, and vegetables.

For lunch, I cooked about 150 grams of chicken, 100 grams of broccoli, and 250 grams of chicken soup. The chicken provides 356 calories, 30 calories from broccoli, and 274 calories from the chicken soup. This makes lunch a total of 660 calories.

For dinner, it includes 250 grams of broccoli and a cup of black tea. This makes dinner 85 calories only.

Thus the calories per day provided by the chicken broccoli diet are under 1000 calories, which is 965 calories to be exact. This makes it a low-calorie diet. You can check the other diet plans here.

What are the disadvantages of the chicken broccoli diet?

There are some drawbacks to the chicken broccoli diet. One would be the lack of variety it provides. This will lead to boredom when eating the same food each and every day. You will eventually get sick of following the same diet for days.

 It contains only two food groups out of the five which makes the diet unhealthy in a way, omitting food groups would change your perspective of food. You would see food as the enemy, and certain things must be avoided. This creates unhealthy food patterns. 

The diet would lead to nutrient deficiencies. Not eating fruit will not get the vitamin C that is needed for your body. Not consuming any dairy products would put you at risk of calcium deficiencies that will reduce bone density. It is also a restrictive diet.


In this article, we discussed the “Chicken broccoli diet”.  I discussed a sample diet plan with the calories of the chicken broccoli diet, and the disadvantages of following that diet.


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