What is the cheapest Starbucks drink?

In this brief guide, we will answer the query, “What is the cheapest Starbucks drink?” We will also discuss them in detail along with their price range. Moreover, we will also describe how we can get Starbucks drinks at a cheaper price.

What is the cheapest Starbucks drink?

The cheapest Starbucks drink is the solo shot of expresso. Although the price of drinks at Starbucks varies according to your location, expresso is the cheapest drink you can find on the menu. A brewed cup of coffee, an Americano, or cold brew are other good affordable drinks on the menu that comes with a slightly higher price range but are worth the price.

Here’s a list of Starbucks drinks in the order of their price (cheapest to the most expensive):

  • Espresso/Iced Espresso: It is the cheapest drink in Starbucks. Both Espresso and Iced Expresso are available in different options like Starbucks dark signature roast, blonde roast, or decaf. You can also get it in a single shot (solo), two shots (Doppio), three shots (triple), and four shots (quad). (Price: Solo $2.45, Doppio $2.65, Triple $2.95 , Quad $3.25)
  • Steamed Apple Juice: it is a great option for kids as it is steamed with 100% apple juice with no added concentrate. (Price: Kids $1.95 (8 oz), Short $2.35 (8 oz), Grande $2.65)
  • Steamed Milk: Starbucks Steamed milk is just steamed 2% milk with a little cream on top. If you order it in kid’s size, it will be warmed up to 130°F for a cheaper price. (Price: Kids $1.95 (8 oz), Short $2.35 (8 oz), Grande $2.65)
  • Espresso Macchiato: At Starbucks, an Espresso Macchiato is just an espresso shot topped with a dollop of steamed milk. It is available in solo, doppio, triple, and quad sizes.  (Price: Solo $2.55, Doppio $2.75, Triple $3.05 , Quad $3.35)
  • Espresso con Panna: This drink is simply espresso with sweetened vanilla flavored whipped cream from Starbucks on top. It is not your typical expresso. (Price: Solo $2.55, Doppio $2.75, Triple $3.05 , Quad $3.35)
  • Hot Brewed Coffee: A boiling hot cup of drip coffee is one of the cheapest Starbucks offerings. Starbucks usually offers Pike Place medium coffee, dark roast, blonde, and decaf, which are brewed every 30 minutes for freshness. On the same visit, rewards members can obtain a free coffee refill, making it even cheaper per ounce.  (Price: $2.95)

  • Hot Tea/Iced Tea: Starbucks boils Teavana tea bags in hot water. You can choose from a variety of mixes, and the quantity of tea bags you receive (1 or 2) depends on the size. Likewise, Starbucks iced tea is available in Classic black iced tea, green iced tea, and, Passion Tango. (Price: $2.95)
  • Iced Tea Lemonade: Starbucks iced tea is blended with zesty lemonade and ice to create a very refreshing drink. (Price: 3.45)
  • Iced Coffee: Starbucks Iced coffee is one of the best drinks in an affordable price range you can find in Starbucks. For the same price, you can get it black or with a splash of milk. (Price: $3.45)
  • Caffe Americano/Iced Caffe Americano: An Americano is prepared using espresso shots (dark, blonde, or decaf) and hot water. It has a rich and robust flavor, and unlike most other grande drinks at Starbucks, it features three shots of espresso. You just add extra ice in the Iced Caffe Americano. (Price: $3.45)

How can we get Starbucks drinks at a cheaper price?

You can save money on your Starbucks drinks by considering the following steps:

  • Bringing your own cup/mug can save you ten cents on your beverage.
  • Order a size down. Hot beverages are served in an 8-ounce cup known as the ‘short’ that is much more affordable than the usual size.
  • Instead of ordering two smaller drinks, share a larger one with your friend/partner. This will give value to your money.
  • You can bring milk from home. To make a latte, order espresso and add your own milk.
  • Consider signing up for the Starbucks rewards program to receive exclusive deals.
  • Make use of your Starbucks rewards membership to get free coffee and tea refills. Non-members can get a refill for 50 cents. So, if time allows, order a smaller size and have it refilled.


In this brief guide, we have answered the query, “What is the cheapest Starbucks drink?” We have also discussed them in detail along with their price range. Moreover, we have also described how we can get Starbucks drinks at a cheaper price.