What is the best tequila for shots?

In this brief guide, we’ll address the query: “What is the best tequila for shots?” Also, we’ll explore what shots mean, what makes a quality tequila, and what are the effects of drinking too much tequila. 

What is the best tequila for shots? 

The best tequila for shots is a subjective question, as it will depend on many factors, such as a person’s taste, budget, and the availability of the brands.

Some folks may prefer premium-priced tequilas, which have more complex flavors, whereas others may find more budget-friendly blends that suit their tastebuds.  

There are many brands and iterations of tequila, and their quality (as well as their price) is a reflection of their distillation process, the raw materials used, and the aging carried out by each distillery. 

Therefore, we encourage our readers who are enthusiasts to explore different brands and find one that suits their tastes. However, we urge them to do so responsibly. 

What does a -shot- mean? 

A shot is a small drink of a distilled spirit, served in a small glass of about one and a half ounces. 

Generally, a shot alludes to alcoholic beverages that are at least 40% alcohol, and are served with a chaser–which is a drink that is quickly knocked back after one or more shots, and used to temper the burning sensation that comes with drinking pure distilled spirits. 

Common spirits that are consumed in shots include tequila, vodka, mezcal, Schnapps, liqueurs, herbal liquors, rum, etc. 

Shots can also be prepared with desserts such as jellos and other sweets, though the added sugar may increase the effects of the alcohol and more easily lead to intoxication. 

We encourage our readers to consume any alcoholic beverage responsibly, for both their safety and that of those around them. 

What makes a quality tequila? 

Quality tequila is made of 100% blue agave. While most tequilas are commercialized under the assumption that they’re 100% sourced from blue agave, the official Mexican norm states that for a spirit to receive the tequila denomination –it must be distilled in the locale of Tequila, within the state of Jalisco, and it must have at least 51% blue agave liquor. 

In truth, many distilleries make their signature flavors and blends by using different casks, and different sources of sugar to ferment them, and then distill them.  

The more blue agave in tequila, the more expensive and high-quality it’ll be. As a result, there are tequilas of many price ranges and qualities, with the more expensive ones having more complex flavors, as a result of their carefully crafted aromatic components. 

Low-end tequilas, are not only cheaper but tend to be better suited to making cocktails and other beverages where their properties (or lack thereof) don’t quite shine. 

What are the effects of drinking too much tequila? 

As a distilled spirit, tequila can have noxious effects on a person’s health if consumed regularly, and in copious amounts. These effects can be split into those that are short-term, and those that are long-term. 

Short-term effects of drinking too much tequila include inebriation, which in itself can be characterized by a loss of coordination, a loss of inhibition, personality changes, impaired sight, nausea, vomiting, a flushed sensation, euphoria, and it can culminate in a hangover. 

A hangover is denoted by a temporary loss of energy, during which an individual can feel lethargic (tired), sick, dehydrated, and unable to carry out day-to-day tasks. This may lead to poor performance at work, and in other activities that require a person to have a ready disposition. 

Long-term effects of tequila consumption include an increased risk of liver disease and failure, cancer (of the digestive tract, and in women, breast cancer), cognitive disorders, high blood pressure, heart failure, chronic inflammation, and other disorders. 

Also, it can lead to alcoholism, erosion of social relationships, and the inability to perform tasks at work and hold down a job. 

We urge our readers to consume any alcoholic beverage responsibly, and if they or someone they know has trouble curbing their alcohol consumption, we advise them to seek out help such as guidance counseling and medical treatment. 

Alcohol addiction can have severely detrimental effects on a person’s quality of life, but fortunately, it can be overcome with proper help and guidance. 


In this brief guide, we’ve addressed the query: “What is the best tequila for shots?” Also, we’ve explored what shots mean, what makes a quality tequila, and what are the effects of drinking too much tequila. 









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