What is the Ana diet?

In this article, we are going to discuss the “What is the Ana diet?”, the cycles of the ABC diet. I will also include the different types of the pro-ana diet and if the diet is safe or not.

What is the Ana diet?

The Ana diet is also known as the Pro ana diet or the pro-anorexia diet. It is also called the ABC diet. It is not healthy or safe. It is a diet that states and believes that anorexia is a choice instead of a food disorder. 

Anorexia nervosa, also called anorexia, is an eating disorder that is characterized by very low body weight accompanied by an extreme fear of gaining weight. People with anorexia have a distorted body image, no matter how much they lose weight, their fear to gain weight is still present.

Anorexic people use unhealthy ways to lose their weight by vomiting, use of laxatives, and excessive exercise. 

It is life-threatening and would cause some physical symptoms including thin appearance, fatigue, insomnia, dizziness, fainting, thin hair, brittle nails, constipation, missed periods, irregular heartbeat, low blood pressure, dehydration, eroded teeth, and swelling of extremities. 

This is all due to improper nutritional intake, and major vitamins, and mineral deficiencies.

Anorexic patients are known for skipping meals, making excuses so they will not eat, frequently weighing themselves, checking their body in the mirror, layering to cover up, emotionless, irritability, and insomnia among other emotional and behavioral symptoms.

The Ana diet works by switching the calorie intake you eat daily. The diet tricks the body into not going into a starvation state, it slows down the body’s metabolism. The diet does not go above 800 calories in a day. The diet is for 50 days before returning to a normal diet. 

The change in calorie intake is a way to boost the metabolism and trick your body.

The food consumed on the Ana diet is not the focus, but rather the number of calories consumed per day.  It is an extremely low-calorie diet and restrictive. 

What are some names of the Pro-ana diet?

The Lunabelle diet

This diet lasts for 50 days with calories between 80 to 100 calories a day and even more fasting days. You lose almost 40 pounds on that diet.

The rainbow diet

The diet is low in calories containing half fruit and one vegetable per day only. It just varies in the colors of the food throughout the week.

The Five bites diet

This diet includes only 5 bites of any food to be consumed. So calorie-restrictive as well.

Russian Gymnast diet

It was founded by a Russian gymnast Irina Tschachina, she had only juices and one fruit, all-natural.

Baby food diet

This diet included only baby food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Vegan model diet

With only 200 calories a day for a week. The food is one kind of bread, one fruit, and one vegetable. No fat or protein sources.

Ana Atkins diet

This diet is a kind of Keto diet, with high protein consumption which burns fat.

What are the cycles of the ABC diet?

The Ana diet goes into 5 cycles. The endpoint of each cycle is fasting without any calorie intake.

The first cycle is the first 10 days. The calorie consumption is 500 calories for 2 days. The calories are lowered by 100 calories, The third day is 300 calories and the fourth is 400 calories. Upon reaching the 500 calorie mark, fasting for a day happens.

The second cycle is for the next 10 days. The calories go from 150 calories to 350 calories. It is the most restrictive part of the diet. It ends with a fasting day.

The third cycle lasts for the next 10 days. Starting with 50 to  800 calories. When it reaches 800 calories a day, you fast the next day.

The fourth cycle is for 3 days with calories of 250 on day one, increasing by 50 calories for 2 days then 100 on the third day. Then fasting day

The fifth cycle is for 14 days. Starting with 500 calories until it reaches 150 calories. Calories fluctuate through the days decreasing then increasing until the last day which is the fasting day.

Is Ana’s diet safe?

No, the ana diet is not safe. Even though there are many pounds that are lost, it is not healthy at all. The body would have some major symptoms of anorexia that were mentioned briefly. The body will be at risk of major nutritional deficiencies. 


In this article, we are discussing the “What is the Ana diet?”, the cycles of the ABC diet. I will include the different types of the pro-ana diet and if the diet is safe or not.


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