What is the 75-day hard challenge diet plan?

In this article, we are going to discuss the “75-day hard challenge diet plan”. I will include the rules of which the 75-day hard challenge contains examples. I will also add the drawbacks of following a hard challenge.

What is the 75-day hard challenge diet plan?

The 75-day hard challenge diet was created by Andy Frisella. Andy is an entrepreneur, author, consultant, and public speaker. He came up with a challenge to follow for 75 days that included some rules.

The rules in the diet are only 5, but that does not make them as easy to follow. The first rule is to stick to one diet. It does not matter which diet it is, what matters is picking a diet to follow. The big rule in this diet is a hard one people always tend to break.

 With any diet you pick, you should follow it with no excuse. This means no alcohol is allowed, and no cheating. Even small bites of something not included in the diet you are following are not allowed. 

The second rule is physical activity. This includes at least 45 minutes per day of a workout of choice, yet the condition is to have one of these workouts outside your house or gym. Like running around the park or hiking.

The third rule is easy to follow, perhaps the easiest. Maintain hydration for the day by drinking a gallon each day. This promotes healthy hydration that the body needs. As well as it provides the electrolyte that is needed for balanced fluids.

The fourth rule includes reading and improving yourself in one aspect for personal development. This excludes books that are fictional and audiobooks. 

This means picking up books that are intended for self-improvement and bettering yourself. After picking the book, reading 10 pages per day is required. 

The last rule is to record your progress daily. This can be achieved by taking a picture every day. The diet is hard to achieve because just not following these rules for one day would make you restart the whole diet again.

The diet challenges you in a way that will make you determined, yet upon falling it will frustrate you when you have to repeat it again.

What are some drawbacks of the 75-day hard challenge diet?

The diet includes some major changes in the lifestyle for only a short period. After the challenge is done, it is more likely you will get back to your regular diet. The restriction to one diet without any cheat meals will create a reaction. 

This will make you reach for your favorite food that you could not have on the challenge. Since most diets do not include fatty food, fast food, sugary food, and vegetables. You will more likely go for these foods after you finish the challenge. 

This will cause regaining of the weight you already lost. This means all the effort you spent for 75 days will be wasted, and you will have to start over. This is a very frustrating cycle to be in. Losing weight, regaining it back again, and repeating the cycle again and again. 

This might create an unhealthy relationship with food. Making you hate food for gaining all the weight you failed to sustain. 

The rules are hard to sustain in terms of physical activity as well. It is more sustainable to work out 3 to 4 times per week instead of daily. People are busy and have long hours of work, so it might be hard to include such demand on someone who gets home at 8 pm. 

The diet is not specific in nature. It does not set goals for the challenge followed or the reason why you should do such a challenge. Other than the reason for just finishing it,  what other purpose does it provide? Is it to increase your muscle mass and reduce your fat?

A diet should be clear with goals that can be obtained and achieved. In addition, the diet is not broad. It is limited in its scope to specific areas for improvements like diet, exercise, and self-improvement only.


In this article, we discussed the “75-day hard challenge diet plan”.I included the rules of which the 75-day hard challenge contains examples. I also added the drawbacks of following a hard challenge.


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