What is taco bell meat made of?

In this brief guide, we will address the query, “What is taco bell meat made of ?” We will also discuss the ingredients used in taco bell meat besides beef. Moreover, we will also talk about whether taco bell is healthy or not and various healthier options on the taco bell menu approved by dietitians.

What is taco bell meat made of?

Taco bell meat is made up of USDA-certified premium beef meat. With 88% of seasoned meat and 12% of other ingredients, it is one of the growing hygienic fast food. They claimed not to use MSG (monosodium glutamate) flavor enhancer added on various restaurant food which is claimed to be safe but still in debate.  

Taco meat is drained of excessive fat and is packed in frozen form before using it. With 88% hygienic certified beef meat blended with wheat flour, salt, garlic, sugar, natural flavor, yeast, soybean oil, malic acid, paprika, maltodextrin, anti-cracking agent, and malic acid. 

What are the other ingredients used in taco bell meat besides beef?

It is claimed by the taco bell website that it uses 88% of certified premiere beef meat and other 12 % of secret ingredients which were kept secret for a long period. After the “Where is the beef” campaign went viral on social media, in 2011 they publish the other 12% of ingredients among the customer on their website. Ingredients used in taco bell meat are:

  • Maltodextrin: They are a form of sweet sugar obtained from intense processing of rice, corn, wheat, or potato starch. 
  • Torula yeast: They are edible yeast that is used for smoky, umami flavor to food. Taco meat is used to make beef more savory taste.
  • Modified corn starch: They are the derivative from corn used as food additives, in taco meat, they are used in as small amounts as a thickener and to maintain moisture.
  • Soy Lecithin: It is a food additive from soy that works as a lubricant and in taco bell meat it helps to bind the ingredients used.
  • Sodium Phosphate: It is used to thicken food and establish the texture of taco bell meat.
  • Lactic acid: It is used as a preservative and to manage the right acidity of beef for property flavor.
  • Caramel color and cocoa powder: They are used for the proper coloration of taco beef meat. 
  • Trehalose: They are naturally occurring sugar used to improve taste after seasoning.

Are taco bell healthy or not?

Different people have different perceptions of taco bell. Tacos can be a good source of protein and fiber not too high in calories. However, the presence of saturated fat in meat and its consumption for a long period can bring various health issues along with heart disease like strokes.

Although they have more health benefits than detriments you can consume them without any boundaries. Tacos are made of tortillas, filling, and topping, and sometimes taco filling can increase the number of calories, fats, and salt which can harm health so always choose nutritious taco filling. 

Tortillas can’t be a problem for consumption as they are made of flour and corn which are nutritious with low carbohydrates. Selecting a nutritious filling can be a tricky one but go for a protein-rich topping like beef meat and plant-based taco filling. And always go for toppings that will balance your nutritional requirement.

What are the healthier options on the taco bell menu approved by dietitians?

If you are on a diet or thinking of reducing body weight there are some of the healthiest food recommended by dietitians. Some of the healthiest food you can enjoy without thinking of excessive fat, gaining weight with lots of calories that can keep you up for a day are :

  • Cheesy Roll Up
  • Bean Burrito
  • Black beans and rice 
  • Beef Burrito Supreme Fresco Style 
  • Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme 
  • Chicken Quesadilla 
  • Crunchy Steak Taco 
  • Veggie Power Menu Bowl 
  • Chicken Chalupa Supreme Fresco Style 

These all are registered dietitian-approved options available on the Taco menu whenever you fill like having it without gaining weight. All of them are rich in calories with the lowest fat on the menu. Find some of the taco bell-inspired healthy recipes you can make at home here.


In this brief guide, we have addressed the query, “What is taco bell meat made of ?” We have also discussed the ingredients used in taco bell meat besides beef. Moreover, we have also talked about whether taco bell is healthy or not and various healthier options on the taco bell menu approved by dietitians.