What is Misto coffee?

In this brief guide, we’ll address the search query: “What is Misto coffee?” Also, we’ll explore where our readers can purchase Misto coffee, what the difference between a latté and Misto coffee is, and who Misto coffee may be contraindicated for. 

What is Misto coffee? 

Misto coffee, also known in french as cafe au lait, is a type of coffee that is made with steamed milk. 

Using different varieties of coffee beans can give this coffee different tastes, and unlike lattes, this beverage is made up of freshly brewed coffee, and the steamed milk on top.

A latte on the other hand, is made up of an espresso shot at the bottom, steamed milk, and a layer of creamy, foamed milk at the top. 

Caffe Misto, as a result, has a lower concentration of caffeine, and may be better suited for those looking to curb their daily intake of this naturally occurring stimulant. 

Where can I buy Misto coffee? 

Misto coffee can be ordered in coffee shops that sell caffeinated beverages, namely drip coffee, and steamed milk. 

Of course, some coffee shops may have different names such as Misto caffe, cafe au lait, or if an establishment has its own menu and motifs, they may have dubbed this beverage with their own signature name.

We encourage our readers to explore their options at local cafés and in franchise establishments such as Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Dunkin’ Donuts and other coffee shops. 

Furthermore, our readers can prepare Caffe Misto by brewing ground coffee beans, and using a frother to make steamed milk. 

A milk frother may not be common kitchen appliance, so we encourage our readers to research what instruments are necessary, and which ones can provide the desired texture to their ingredients. 

Some authors maintain that a French Press can also give the drip coffee a more concentrated flavor, though of course, this will depend on the volume of ground coffee used, regardless of whether it’s a French Press or a drip brewing machine. 

Aesthetic touches can be added to the prepared coffee, and it can be enjoyed with pastries such as croissants, and rolls. 

What is the difference between a latté and Misto coffee? 

The differences between a latté and a caffe Misto is that a latté is made with an espresso coffee, and then is followed by a serving of steamed milk, and topped with decorative, frothed milk. 

Caffe Misto on the other hand, uses regularly brewed coffee, topped with steamed milk. 

As a result, the difference between the two is in the coffee type that is used to prepare each beverage, and the end concentration of caffeine in each drink. 

A latté contains roughly five times the amount of coffee that a cup of coffee contains, and therefore, some patrons may be inclined to purchase a latté in place of a Caffe misto, due to the higher concentration of caffeine, which is often used by individuals to kickstart their daily routines. 

Who may Misto coffee be contraindicated for? 

Caffe Misto may be contraindicated for people who are looking to curb their caffeine intake. While it isn’t as concentrated as a latte, it can contribute caffeine to a person’s overall daily intake. 

While a person’s daily caffeine intake should not exceed 400 milligrams of caffeine a day (which equates to roughly 10 cups of coffee per day), a person’s baseline sensitivity to caffeine can be affected by constant caffeine consumption, and as a caffeinated beverage, Caffe Misto may inadvertently to a person requiring more caffeine throughout the day, to feel the stimulating effects. 

Due to the lactose in steamed milk, caffe Misto may also be contraindicated for diabetic patients with insulin resistance, as it can contribute to heightened levels of blood sugar. 

Caffe Misto may also be contraindicated for patients who tend to form kidney stones from oxalates, or those with chronic kidney disease. 

As it is a caffeinated beverage, caffe Misto is also contraindicated for children and adolescents, as its stimulating effects can be detrimental to growth and developmental processes. 

We encourage our readers to safeguard, and prioritize their health, and avoid excessive caffeine consumption. 


In this brief guide, we’ve addressed the search query: “What is Misto coffee?” Also, we’ve explored where our readers can purchase Misto coffee, what the difference between a latté and Misto coffee is, and who Misto coffee may be contraindicated for.