What is McDonald’s minimum wage?

In this brief blog, we will answer the query,”What is McDonald’s minimum wage?” We will also look at the average pay of McDonald’s workers in franchises. We will finally briefly discuss and explain the movement dubbed ”Fight for $15 dollars Minimum wage.”

What is McDonald’s minimum wage?

The minimum wage at McDonald’s is $11 to $17 per hour for entry-level employees and $15 to $ 17 per hour for shift managers based on the location.

McDonald’s raised the wages for its nearly 660 company operating stores to an average of $13 per hour and seeks to boost it up by 2024 to an average of $15 per hour. The raise shift is only applicable to 5 percent of McDonald’s footprint but McDonald’s has also encouraged its franchisees in the United States to also follow suit.

McDonald’s franchises 95 percent of the fast-food restaurants in the United States and as mentioned these workers are not directly impacted by the pay increases.

McDonald’s USA President Joe Erlinger in a message to CNBC said that McDonald’s together with its franchisees face a very challenging hiring environment and in order to stay afloat they sought to renew the employment packages in the fast foods chain industry and raising pay was one of the commitments.

The rising costs of food items are the top most concern for most restaurant operators followed in suit by employee shortages as per a report from Quadrant strategies. Following the Covid pandemic which came with numerous restaurant restrictions and lots of layoffs as well as rehiring, most staff left the industry for jobs considered more stable.

The quit rate in the hotel and restaurant industry was at an all time high of 5.6 percent in April 2021 during the Covid pandemic which ranks as the highest rate for any sector. In the same month, the hotel and restaurant industry cut off 681,000 jobs which is equivalent to about 50 percent of new hires and thus was attributed to attrition.

What is the average pay for McDonald’s workers in Franchisees?

A typical McDonald’s worker in a franchisee earns about $ 8 per hour which is a small amount in this age to be able to support an individual not to mention a family. These workers are engaged 5 days in a week which makes an average of 25 to 30 hours per week. Word is, McDonald’s even limits the working hours so that employees work a maximum of only 40 hours in a week.

For the longest time, McDonalds had an entry-level salary of $6.25 per hour. This went up when the minimum wage was raised which is good looking at the amount of work that the employees have to go through in their day shifts. Additionally, the employees cannot choose the type of tasks that they will be doing as that is left to the management.

What is the fight for $15 Minimum Wage?

The fight for $15 is a grassroot movement that started in New York in 2012 and it advocates for the minimum wage to be raised to $15 dollars per hour. Most McDonald’s employees have joined in the movement to protest against the unfair wages in the fast-food chains.

This has in the past brought a lot of unwanted attention to McDonald’s and even affected the business operations. It led to the company giving in to raise the wages but they did not quite raise it to the $15 dollars per hour as was being requested by the personnel.

You can check the hourly pay ranges for other positions at McDonald’s here.


In this brief blog, we have answered the query,”What is McDonald’s minimum wage?” We have also looked at the average pay of McDonald’s workers in franchises. We have finally briefly discussed and explained the movement dubbed ”Fight for $15 dollars Minimum wage.”



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