What is Mcdonald’s hiring age?

In this brief guide, we’ll address the search query: “What is McDonald’s hiring age?” Also, we’ll explore what job offers are commonly recruited for in McDonald’s, what skills are necessary to work in McDonald’s, and what are guidelines all McDonald’s employees must follow. 

What is McDonald’s hiring age? 

The youngest age an applicant can have to be considered for employment is 14 years old. However, some locations may bump this number up to fifteen, depending on state laws and other regulations.

Also, candidates applying for employment at McDonald’s must have a work permit, which recruiters will verify with local agencies before they proceed with candidates. 

McDonald’s offers positions with flexible hours, what the company calls “world-class training”, weekly pay, a signing bonus, benefits such as medical and dental care, tuition assistance (for students), discounts, referrals, and exclusive rewards such as discounts and rewards for outstanding performance (both in employment and academically). 

What jobs does McDonald’s commonly recruit for? 

McDonald’s most often recruits candidates for crew-member positions. As such, these employees can be tasked with many duties such as the restaurant’s cleanliness, working at the counter taking orders, preparing orders in the kitchen, providing customers with assistance, assisting with logistical aspects such as preparing the venue for events, and other needed tasks. 

Other jobs that McDonald’s may recruit candidates for include managerial roles, which administrate the operations of a restaurant, evaluate the performance of crew members, and identify opportunities for improvement. 

McDonald’s also offers corporate careers which can range from administrative aspects to legal experts, graphic designers, data analysts, web developers, food engineers, and other types. 

Naturally, corporate careers may be limited to those with degrees and verified expertise in the profiles the company searches for, while in-restaurant jobs may be a little less stringent in recruiting candidates with little work experience, such as students. 

What skills are necessary to work at McDonald’s? 

The skills necessary to work at McDonald’s vary, as some positions may require different aptitudes. 

Namely, in-restaurant job positions require candidates to be diligent and congenial, as well as have a friendly disposition for attending to customers, and a willingness to cultivate both professional and interpersonal skills. 

Managerial positions may also require candidates to have ample experience in administrative functions, personnel management, inventory, and discerning logistical troubles that may impede the restaurant from offering quality service and/or reaching its projected goals. 

Corporate-level jobs will require more specialized candidates. Oftentimes, recruiters will require candidates to hold degrees and have proven experience in their field of work, unless the position is listed as an entry-level job. 

Various professions may be listed at  McDonald’s corporate level,  such as legal counsels, data engineers, web developers, graphic designers, marketing specialists, food scientists, etc. 

Overall, working for McDonald’s can provide many benefits such as medical care, specialized training, tuition assistance, and several perks, though, of course, the salary will depend on the degree of specialization required to fulfill duties. 

What guidelines should McDonald’s employees follow? 

McDonald’s employees should always follow the outlines issued by their employment contracts, and in the case of restaurant employees, their practices should always coincide with local regulations dictated by agencies. 

This means that restaurant employees must follow personal hygiene guidelines, such as daily showers, wearing a hair net, constantly washing their hands, keeping their workstation clean, avoiding giving off body odor, brushing their teeth, and having clean hair and trimmed, clean fingernails. 

They must also adhere to policies dictated by management, such as

  • Proper storage of ingredients and food,
  • Following strict procedures for food preparation,
  • Fulfilling client’s (reasonable) special orders,
  • Upholding the restaurant’s policies, such as not serving those who don’t comply with the restaurant’s rules,
  • Treating all customers with respect,
  • Refusing tips
  • Not transferring employee discounts or free food benefits to others,
  • Maintaining duties to a specific area during a shift (if you’re assigned to food preparation, you cannot work as a cashier, etc).
  • Following the assigned dress code
  • Male employees cannot work if they have facial hair,
  • All employees are strictly forbidden to use their phones while on duty. 

Naturally, there are many more duties and obligations for McDonald’s employees to follow and uphold, in many cases, not following these guidelines may result in immediate termination. 


In this brief guide, we’ve addressed the search query: “What is McDonald’s hiring age?” Also, we’ve explored what job offers are commonly recruited for in McDonald’s, what skills are necessary to work in McDonald’s, and what are guidelines all McDonald’s employees must follow. 









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