What is IU’s diet plan?

In this article, we are going to discuss “IU’s diet plan”. I will talk about the food she eats for her three meals, breakfast, dinner, and lunch. I will also talk about the calories included in the food she eats, and the weight loss expected. I will also include the dangers of following such diets on the body.

What is IU’s diet plan?

IU is the stage name of the South Korean singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress Lee Ji-Eun. She is known for having such a lean body, that people might guess that she did lots of surgeries to achieve that. While in fact, IU‘s secret is her diet plan.

 She went on a strict diet after being called “pig” on stage. Since then she has become slimmer and slimmer. 

IU followed the tbs Myproana diet. The diet is extreme and restricted in its nature. It provides very quick weight loss in a short time. IU lost so much weight in a short time. She lost 4 Kg in only 4 days. This quick weight loss is not recommended and is more likely to be gained back. 

Her diet contained under 500 calories a day. This makes IU’s diet too low in calories, a very low-calorie diet. Such diets are dangerous and cause many health issues. The diet contains only 3 things.

 One source of fruit, a source of starchy vegetables, and a source of protein. For breakfast, IU eats one apple which equates to 72 calories. Her breakfast is only one fruit which is considered too low and not enough to provide enough energy for the day.

 Breakfast should include a source of carbohydrates like whole grains, a source of protein like milk or cheese, and some healthy fat like olive oil. A healthy breakfast should be balanced providing a balance of macronutrients like carbs, protein, and fat. 

For lunch, IU consumes two sweet potatoes only. A medium sweet potato contains 115 calories, two of these sweet potatoes would yield 230 calories. So she consumes only 230 calories for lunch. 

Her lunch is only limited to one food group of carbs, sweet potatoes are starchy vegetables rich in complex carbohydrates. Her lunch lacks enough nutrients as well. A lunch under 300 calories is too little to make you feel satisfied. Her lunch only contains carbs, lacking protein, and fat. Two of the major macronutrient groups. 

For dinner, she has one protein shake. The protein shake contains 120 calories. This makes dinner unsatisfactory. It is not enough to promote satisfaction and provide energy. It contains only a protein source. 

The diet is only a bit over 400 calories a day, which is not even half of the required calories to be consumed per day for women. Low-calorie diet puts you at risk of multiple deficiencies developing over time.  

The calorie does not provide enough calcium intake, which will lead to a lack of calcium and the body might take it from bones. This will lead to a decrease in the density of the bones. The decrease in bone density leads to an increase in the risk of fractures.

Lack of vitamin C intake would also be detrimental to health. Especially on the immune system, which would increase the risk of infections, and you are more likely to get sick. 

These diets, similar to the one IU follow, would lead to unhealthy relationships with food. This unhealthy relationship would be the start of the development of food disorders such as anorexia. Anorexia is a serious medical condition that needs a long time of treatment in a special facility. 

The diet avoids a lot of healthy nutritious food, so it does not provide adequate nutrients for normal body function. Fat and proteins are needed for the production of hormones and enzymes. Not eating enough would lead to missed periods and infertility.

What are healthier alternatives?

There are other healthier alternatives like reducing the portion size of the food you eat. By reducing the food portion, the calories are reduced and weight loss occurs. 


In this article, we discussed “IU’s diet”.  I talked about the food she eats for her three meals, breakfast, dinner, and lunch. I also talked about the calories included in the food she eats, and the weight loss expected. I also included the dangers of following such diets on the body.


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